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Biggest Complaint
Biggest Complaint: Monster
Here's the place to let the world know about something that doesn't work about this show, trope, or author. As the votes roll in, you'll be able to see if it is also a problem for other folks.
At issue:
+9 (yeas:12 nays:3)
The Baby. Just...the Baby
+6 (yeas:7 nays:1)
That the voice actor changed when Johan was crossdressing. It's an understandable choice, but it would have been more authentic to keep him as is.
+1 (yeas:1 nays:0)
The 2nd ending. "Make It Home"
0 (yeas:11 nays:11)
That the ending wasn't much
0 (yeas:2 nays:2)
Johan being a wizard. Seriously, he does all these impossible things off-screen with just the hand-wave "Johan did it" that it begins to seem like a parody.
-2 (yeas:1 nays:3)
Johan's Infrequent appearences. Actully, they don't bug me so much, but I would've liked to see more of him.

Interesting when your biggest complaint about a series is more of a suggestion than a complaint...
Total number: 12. Number shown: 6.
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Total number of votes: 147

Biggest Complaint

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