Biggest Complaint: Final Fantasy

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Biggest Complaint: Final Fantasy
Here's the place to let the world know about something that doesn't work about this show, trope, or author. As the votes roll in, you'll be able to see if it is also a problem for other folks.
At issue:
+24 (yeas:30 nays:6)
Wasting perfectly good backstories (with a few exceptions, like VI and X-2) of the characters, sometimes not even establishing why the characters are along at all (X).
+17 (yeas:23 nays:6)
The fact that people complain about the newer games while they ignore all the flaws in the older games, such as the weird pacing, under-developed characters, and cartoonish villains.

Not saying that IV and VI aren't good games, but they're not perfect.

Also it bothers me that people complain about Nomura's character designs when Amano's were just as silly. Pretty-boys, 80s hair, beads, blue lipstick, capes, and women in even MORE revealing outfits than Nomura has ever designed—and yet people act like Amano can do no wrong while Nomura is the Anti-Christ or something.
+15 (yeas:32 nays:17)
Milking games for MOAR MONEY without actually adding anything worthwhile. (By which, yes, I mean the Compilation.)
+2 (yeas:4 nays:2)
Going from an RPG to a game where your only job is to hit X.
-1 (yeas:13 nays:14)
The recent obsession with having the "main character" be an Idiot Hero who acts as The Watson and The Ishmael in order to give easy excuses for world Infodumps and because, you know, You Suck.
-1 (yeas:2 nays:3)
The Battle system rather than being turn based is time based, but still focuses on scrolling through menus.
-1 (yeas:1 nays:2)
The fact that a lot of people have an absolute die-hard love for VII for no apparent reason and outright demand that everyone else feel that way too. Also that spin-offs, continuations and the ambiguous remake of VII are being churned out to sate these people despite the fact that this story hit its logical end a very long time ago. Can people please let VII die already like the other ones have?
Total number: 15. Number shown: 7.

Total number of votes: 319

Family GuyopenallyesFinal Fantasy Fire Emblem
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