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Live Performance
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new postProfessional Wrestling1,122Thu, 21st Aug '14 4:51:44 AM
new postLive Performance Ideas You're Sure Only You Would Like64Wed, 20th Aug '14 3:36:48 PM
new postMusical Adaption Ideas46Fri, 8th Aug '14 12:13:08 PM
new postTeam Starkid178Mon, 23rd Jun '14 4:29:26 PM
new postThe Ring of the Nibelung4Thu, 29th May '14 10:26:33 PM
new postBard Talk: The Shakespeare Thread108Wed, 28th May '14 1:36:14 PM
new postPossible audition songs23Sat, 3rd May '14 1:47:26 PM
new postInspiration for Twisted?8Fri, 2nd May '14 9:47:24 AM
new postTVTropes Skype Theatre19Sun, 20th Apr '14 1:40:51 AM
new postThe Book of Mormon18Thu, 6th Mar '14 6:23:01 AM
new postEvita10Fri, 21st Feb '14 1:46:53 AM
new postJekyll And Hyde18Sat, 15th Feb '14 2:53:12 PM
new postOliver! (stage musical and film)1Thu, 21st Nov '13 1:40:46 AM
new postDo all musicals need an "I Want" Song10Sat, 2nd Nov '13 10:25:35 PM
new postThe Simpsons Play3Fri, 11th Oct '13 7:56:51 AM
new postHow to start your own wrestling promotion15Tue, 20th Aug '13 2:24:11 PM
new postTransposing songs for auditions - yea or nay?3Wed, 7th Aug '13 7:20:08 PM
new postThe Tony Awards Thread9Mon, 10th Jun '13 2:08:55 PM
new postCats3Fri, 10th May '13 7:05:47 AM
new postParade2Fri, 12th Apr '13 3:01:34 PM
new postStomp5Thu, 14th Feb '13 1:43:45 PM
new postWhy so dead, Live Performance?33Wed, 21st Nov '12 7:36:27 AM
new postLondon Road1Sun, 18th Nov '12 8:34:48 AM
new postThe Addams Family Musical1Fri, 21st Sep '12 1:53:11 PM
new postIdea for a musical9Mon, 10th Sep '12 9:10:01 AM
new postI've seen similar threads...operetta cast recording with tropers26Tue, 14th Aug '12 2:03:40 AM
new postAvenue Q36Fri, 3rd Aug '12 5:46:52 AM
new postThe Desert Song18Fri, 3rd Aug '12 1:56:26 AM
new postFor the theatre goers of Austin, Texas! Come marvel at all the marvels1Fri, 27th Jul '12 1:20:16 PM
new postSoul Doctor on Kickstarter2Wed, 25th Jul '12 11:53:39 AM
new postNewsies: The Musical6Thu, 21st Jun '12 4:09:56 PM
new postA question about Evita4Tue, 12th Jun '12 12:25:38 PM
new postGodspell 2011 revival3Sat, 5th May '12 6:38:30 PM
new postITT Sum Up A Live Performance With A Line From It8Sat, 5th May '12 11:56:16 AM
new postHelp me!4Fri, 13th Apr '12 10:03:42 PM
new postLouis C.K. Live at the Beacon Theater2Wed, 22nd Feb '12 11:18:00 PM
new postThe Lion King 2 Broadway8Wed, 1st Feb '12 3:12:16 PM
new postSeminar1Wed, 4th Jan '12 11:18:38 PM
new post25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee22Thu, 22nd Dec '11 8:30:19 PM
new postDer Glöckner von Notre Dame4Sun, 18th Dec '11 11:01:04 AM
new postSo I had this idea and I wanted to know if it was dumb or not4Sat, 10th Dec '11 3:43:39 PM
new postThat insufferable over-enunciation you get in choir and Broadway14Fri, 9th Dec '11 3:57:36 PM
new postSpider Man Turn Off The Dark112Tue, 29th Nov '11 12:52:36 PM
new postPossible plays for a big group17Sat, 26th Nov '11 4:07:10 PM
new postWicked will be a ...39Wed, 23rd Nov '11 5:23:40 PM
new postCirque du Soleil1Sun, 9th Oct '11 8:42:36 PM
new postCabaret5Wed, 5th Oct '11 12:20:40 AM
new postBatman Live4Sun, 2nd Oct '11 6:40:27 AM
new postNothing but apostrophe?3Thu, 29th Sep '11 8:33:14 PM
new postOkay, does anyone have a copy of TheHistoryBoys?2Fri, 23rd Sep '11 9:06:08 PM
new postTell me about Guys and Dolls.11Fri, 23rd Sep '11 5:26:51 PM
new postThe Room: The Play1Thu, 22nd Sep '11 9:04:31 PM
new postLittle Shop Of Horrors35Wed, 21st Sep '11 11:05:08 PM
new postBilly Connolly...?3Tue, 23rd Aug '11 12:12:31 AM
new postI've been issued a challenge26Tue, 16th Aug '11 10:51:00 PM
new postWar Horse4Sun, 31st Jul '11 10:04:27 PM
new postAssassins11Sun, 17th Jul '11 11:09:17 PM
new postTenors playing roles written for basses and baritones.25Mon, 11th Jul '11 1:50:37 PM
new postCrowning Music From Shows You Have Not Seen3Fri, 1st Jul '11 9:40:30 PM
new postPlay Review3Fri, 24th Jun '11 5:06:50 PM
new postStarship22Mon, 6th Jun '11 12:02:52 PM
new postThe Book of Mormon Soundtrack Stream Today Only1Mon, 9th May '11 2:06:19 PM
new postLittle Shop of Horrors Tattoos8Sun, 17th Apr '11 10:50:45 PM
new postGilbert and Sullivan Discussion Thread4Fri, 15th Apr '11 10:06:35 PM
new postIJBM: Opera singing has too much vibrato30Sat, 26th Feb '11 10:18:45 AM
new postHeckler's5Wed, 23rd Feb '11 5:00:19 PM
new postSpider-Man Broadway musical slapped with safety violations3Tue, 15th Feb '11 7:07:51 PM
new postSave Little Shop of Horrors!7Sun, 23rd Jan '11 10:38:06 PM
new postBest Wrestling Matches of 20103Sun, 2nd Jan '11 11:41:18 AM
new postPerforming in front of a crowd4Wed, 29th Dec '10 12:08:45 PM
new postHow would you book TNA?2Mon, 29th Nov '10 9:04:10 PM
new postBattle of the Blades1Thu, 25th Nov '10 3:16:33 PM
new postThe UFC/WEC Thread1Tue, 23rd Nov '10 7:52:06 PM
new postTop 11 WrestleMania Matches9Mon, 1st Nov '10 5:11:48 PM
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