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1 Tidal_Wave_1716th Jul 2011 03:48:49 PM from Business, Nunya , Relationship Status: Singularity
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I know how much hate this show gets in certain areas of the internet, so I'm kind of scared to post here...

So, any other fans of the show?
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I stayed away from CATS because I figured I wouldn't like it, but then I happened to come across Old Possum's and crack it open to the Macavity poem, and it got me positively giddy to see the show.

Needless to say, that was the wrong way to get my hopes up. And frankly, it's a lot more fun to try and piece together Eliot's universe - particularly when it comes to the confusing line in "Gus the Theatre Cat" about the Indian Colonel - than it is to see the thin universe Webber has preented us with.
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I enjoyed the one live performance I saw of it on Broadway. The VHS version wasn't as good in my opinion, although that's partly due to my bias in how they used post-processing to add special effects.

I've often thought that it would make an interesting show for a high school to pull off.
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