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Fragmaster01: Removed this Final Fantasy entry:

  • Final Fantasy - It was thought that Final Fantasy I was going to be the last game Squaresoft made due to impending bankruptcy, so it made sense for the first game. It makes less sense when applied to a series going on it's thirteenth installment. Not counting its legion of spin offs and remakes.

...because someone didn't notice there was already one there.

Trogga: What?

Sequel Title Dissonance launched as Artifact Title: From YKTTW

... What? Ultima 3 inspired Final Fantasy? I... don't believe it. Because its very much more D&D then anything Ultima. -Nerem

Servbot: Maybe the troper's confusing Final Fantasy with Dragon Quest?

Servbot: Removed this addition to the Nanoha entry:

  • Second season? Try the second episode. She openly wonders what the deal with the nonsensical "Lyrical" part and never uses it again.

Remember the training sequence in the first episode of the second season? Remember how she started it off with "Lyrical Magical"?

Malicious Illusion: Yeah, I just started rewatching the series yesterday and realized that I'd got that wrong in a big way. Thanks for correcting me there.
Burai: Removed ...
  • There wasn't really any war going on in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.
... because obviously the contributer missed the whole blockade and massive robot invasion which bookends the film. It wasn't much of a war, but it was still a war.
Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Cut and placed here until someone explains how this is either a reasonable example or a reasonable subversion. As it stands, there are too many justifying edits, especially for those of us who don't speak Japanese.
Arutema: Removed "Metal Gear Solid 4 is also the first to introduce a mecha with no Metal Gear name, while not introducing a new Metal Gear model at all.", Snake's Robot Buddy is named Metal Gear MK II.
Vampire Buddha: removed this:
* Come to think of it, Buffy really didn't spend much time slaying vampires after the first couple of seasons (having upgraded to demons as her primary opponents).

Even though demons take over the majority of the plot, if this is the Buffy I'm thinking of, she still killed a few vampires in most episodes of the show right up to the end.
BritBllt: Removing this one...

  • Some people will try to be witty and point out that most of the characters on Lost were rescued from the island halfway through the series, and in season 5, a scientific method of pinpointing the island's location was revealed. However, they fail to realize that the show's title actually refers to the fact that each character was metaphorically "lost" in their lives prior to crashing on the island—and a major theme in seasons 4 and 5 is the fact that the rescued characters are no better off in the real world than they were on the island. Also, during season 5, many of the main characters were more literally "lost" in the past.

For one thing, If the name's still relevant to the show, than it's not a trope example and shouldn't be on the page. But it sounds to me more like this is a preemptive Justifying Edit by someone who can't stomach the thought that anyone in the future might even try to add Lost to the page, and it's bad for all the reasons Justifying Edits in general are bad. An entry for Lost could probably stand to be added, and it could point out that the title still works on a metaphorical level, but it really needs a less defensive tone.
Vampire Buddha: Took out a whole pile of crap.


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