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Apr 4th 2016 at 7:05:30 AM •••

This article was absolutely magnificent.

As an aspiring SFF writer myself, I can guarantee that not a single idea has ever influenced my work as strongly as this idea for re-arranging Maslow's Hierarchy has influenced my portrayal of human-nonhuman relations. Another article on a similar subject may have inspired the specific details more than this article has, but this original article still blew my mind with the scope of what the basic idea was capable, and I'm fairly certain that the other article was also inspired by this one.

I like the other article's terminology more than this one's, but to put it in terms of this article, I've decided that:

In my Doctor Who fanfic Gemini, the Malmooth Hierarchy goes Love/Belonging Needs as the most fundamental, then Esteem, Physiological, Self-actualization, and finally Safety Needs as the least fundamental, while the Judoon are more similar to Humans (and I don't mean that as a compliment) in starting with Safety, then working through Physiology, Love/Belonging, Esteem, and then Self-Actualization.

In an Urban Fantasy that I just started a couple of days ago:

  • Vampires go from Physiology to Self-actualization, Safety, Love/Belonging, and finally Esteem

  • Orcs go from Physiology to Esteem, Love/Belonging, Self-Actualization, and Safety

  • Half-Human Half-Orcs go from Physiology to Love/Belonging, Esteem, Safety, and Self-Actualization

  • and Eastern European wolf-men called Psoglavs (though in my story the plural of Psoglav with be "-i" instead of "-s") are extremely similar to my interpretation of the Doctor Who Malmooth in going from Love/Belonging to Self-Actualization, Esteem, Physiology, and Safety

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