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Dec 25th 2018 at 4:31:36 PM •••

\" Yoda actually wins the fight. He first makes Palpatine run for his life, later beats him in swordfighting and disarms him with much less struggle than Windu, and when Palpatine unloads all of his admittedly impressive Force powers, Yoda still stops them and deflects them back to him. If it is Yoda and not Sidious the one forced to retreat (although that was precisely what Sidious had been trying to do through all the fight) is due to the fortuitous factor that Sidious, with his bigger weight and longer arms, could avoid being blasted off their pod and injured by the fall, while the much lighter Yoda couldn\'t.\"

This is such bullshit, I don´t even know where to begin. 1. It is just an assumption that Yoda disarmed Palpatine. That scene never made it into the movie. 2. The troper completely ignores that we see Palpatine blasting Yoda´s sword away. 3. Yoda even atmitted he could NOT beat Palpatine, so it is way too much of a stretch to claim he won. 4. It is simply not true that Yoda would have won if Palpatine was his size. If anything BOTH would have been knocked off which would made the fight a draw.

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