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This is an argument about whether or not the trope applies. Please could anyone that knows the work better than I do determine whether this should be rewritten or scrubbed from the page?

* In the last book of \'\'Literature/ThePrincessDiaries\'\', JP, who up until then had been a pretty NiceGuy, suddenly turns out to have been a total JerkAss all along when the author needs to have [[OfficialCouple Michael and Mia get back together]]
** Many fans thought that the kiss in the eighth book as well as the circumstances surrounding his break up with Lily (i.e. the {{Anvilicious}} implications that he was only with her to remain close to Mia) as well as several other factors indicated that he was the JerkAss all along. Therefore, the events were not without foreshadowing, and so doesn\'t fit this trope. Of course, almost all JP/Mia shippers [[ShippingGoggles tended to overlook these moments]] in earlier books while Michael/Mia fans [[AntiShippingGoggles zeroed in on them]].
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