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In regards to \\\"at least one or two hundred players able to interact directly with each other at any given... generally well above the upper-limit for simultaneous player counts in games that are distinctly non-massive.\\\", well that\\\'s also above the general upper limit for party size in {{MMORPG}}s, too. That\\\'s what the game\\\'s forum is for, if you ask me; the game itself is best when it only involves communication with a manageable number of people; the larger the party is, the harder it is to make sure everything goes according to plan, and the more likely it is that some LeeroyJenkins will ruin everything. Smaller parties allow you to deal with each member on an individual basis in the heat of the moment (such as if you need to make a change of plans), which you won\\\'t have time for with large groups, and they make it less likely that you\\\'ll get in each others\\\' way. Personally, I\\\'d rather have smaller parties.

Direct interaction at any given time between that many people would not only require that that many people be playing at the same time, it would also likely require more processing power than some systems that host {{MMORPG}}s are able to provide. As long as the game is available to a great many players, and has some form of multiplayer (whether the ability to form parties/guilds/whatever or {{PvP}}, or anything else I can\\\'t think of), it\\\'s an MMOG, at least in my opinion. (And yes, I tend to use MMORPG and MMOG interchangeably, since most of the [=MMOGs=] I\\\'m familiar with are {{MMORPG}}s.)

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