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IŽd like to have the simple editing reason \
IŽd like to have the simple editing reason \\\"no\\\" by evilist_tim a little further explained please.
It seems a rather rude comment on what might be a completely understandable reason.
I went out of my explaining how the one-man use of MG-42s is not simply a handwave, but an actual technique they might have learned in universe by the very same people whom they got the things from...
They donŽt grab any \\\"added foregrips\\\" in Jin Roh, they grab the bipod, which is part of the technique...
There is even a video, showing it CAN actually be done. Now add a bit Rule Of Cool and Power Armor and it seems completely reasonable.

Or maybe there was another reason. I wouldnŽt know, since I was only supplied with a simple \\\"no\\\".

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