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When you find yourself trying to remember a show (or any works) that's on the tip of your tongue but just out of reach, come here - the collective brain of the TVTropes community can probably help. Post all the details you can remember (examples help). If you're looking for a trope, head over to Trope Finder. Have general questions about tropes? Visit Ask The Tropers!

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What do you remember about the show?

4th Mar, 2021 09:59:06 PM

I do not think it is what you are looking for, but the man somewhat sounds like this narrator from Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids (an animated show)

Not a horror series, but a dark anthology show for kids

If it is not this show, it could be a show such as Darkroom or Night Gallery

Do you remember anything else about the stories you described?

5th Mar, 2021 05:03:04 AM

I was also going to suggest the Storyteller, much more likely, but I do not remember an evil doll. Maybe it was something that looked at first glance like a doll but actually was not? If it was from Jim Henson, of his style, it definitely is that one. The first story does sound like 'The Soldier and Death.'

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5th Mar, 2021 06:38:47 PM

I don't remember many other details. It's not the animated show or Darkroom or Night Gallery. It is similar to Storyteller in a way (old man, fire place, dog) but it was definitely not kid-friendly. Also the stories were set in present days (late 80s-early 90s at the time). I searched for Jim Henson's Storyteller parody/spoof but didn't find anything. It had a parody vibe to it, like it was exaggerating cliches in the bits with the host.

6th Mar, 2021 10:40:56 AM

Sorry, neither is it, but if you think of anything else, please let us know. It is very interesting and though I do not ever recall seeing an anthology show like that, I would want to know too.

Edited (update): I decided to ask this on Reedit, someone suggested Tales from the Crypt, someone else Creepshow, are any of those what you are searching for? What about Monsters, Tales from the Dark Side, or Night Visions, any of those ring a bell?

Edited by thestormtrooper
6th Mar, 2021 06:01:02 PM

O-k, someone found this and it does sound like what you are describing. The movie is Really Weird Tales, which actually has three stories. The host is quite different and the gender is reversed, but it is about co-workers. It deals with a cursed woman who cannot love a person, because if she does, they will explode, and a co-worker who despises someone, so he turns them into a doll much like a cabbage patch doll. You can find the full movie on you-tube. It features some famous stars, such as John Candy, Catherine O'Hara, and Martin Short. It is a satire on shows such as the Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt. The film came out in 1989. Could this be it?

Another thought is Doctor Terrible's House of Horrible, a satirical British comedy-horror anthology series, but that came out in 2001. I was also considering Night Visions, but that came out in 2001 as well. That show was much like the Twilight Zone, which also depicted the dark side of human nature. What anthology show did not, right?

Edited by thestormtrooper
10th Mar, 2021 06:08:07 AM

Thestormtrooper's suggestion of Dr Terrible's House of Horrible reminded me of Dr Terror's Vault of Horror, which were double bills of horror movies hosted by 'Dr. Terror', who had previously hosted a Halloween theme night in 1992, where he was known as Dr. Walpurgis. Both of these were shown on BBC 2. A compilation of the host segments is here:

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