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2nd Oct, 2019 11:47:15 PM

Yeah, those long recaps need more cutting than the average client of Black Jack.

Edited by MichaelKatsuro
3rd Oct, 2019 04:09:53 AM

Yeah, most of those are way too long. All the lead sections should do is give a brief history of the character, enough so to provide some context for the following tropes. Venom II (Angelo) is a good standard I think; one paragraph summarising the character's personality, origin, and current status quo.

3rd Oct, 2019 05:46:40 AM

Sweet, I'll trim them down.

Angelo is a very short-lived character so it's a lot easier for him, but some of the others are very storied characters. I think 2-4 paragraphs — and normal-sized ones at that — are enough for most characters so I'll aim for about that for the most part.


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