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What's your favorite moment from your writing?

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Nov 12th 2022 at 10:55:49 AM

Mine would be the moment in Ultimate where the four thugs are trying to figure out Ultimate's name.

“Hey!” Baggy Pants Man said. “It’s…that kid…”

“Ultimatum?” Buff Guy said.

“Ultra man?” Fat Thug asked.

“Ukulele!” Skinny Kid said.

If I ever hear another quip from him…

I dropped my sword and shield to shoot their asses. “IT’S ULTIMATE! FUCKING ULTIMATE! JESUS CHRIST, IT’S NOT THAT HARD TO GET RIGHT!!”

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Nov 12th 2022 at 3:15:50 PM

Probably one of the protagonists threatening to torture one of The Fair Folk with a bottle of iron supplements.

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