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Jun 29th 2017 at 8:39:06 PM

Dessert Desert

As the explanations pilled up, her expression gradually turned into a deep frown. So essentially, someone had horribly tortured Cole by both keeping from helping someone in need and forcing to him feel the hurts and suffering around him. It sounded like something that Ruckus would have done, but they were supposed to be over. And then there was ...

"Lewis is controlled!? And by Seiga!? ... I should have known something was up when she tried to accuse me of being a necromancer as well ..." Caro then spoke, her tone making it clear just how horrified she was with it all.

As Cole held tigher onto her, she gently did likewise, her tone now back with a measure of softness mixed in with horror, "Oh, Cole ... I can't even begin to imagine how horrible that all must been like ... No wonder things ended up going like they did ... But now you back here safe with us and I, we, will do whatever we can do catch Seiga and whoever else is responsible for it and bring them to justice and free Lewis from her control."

Of course, Arcade then reminded her of the other pressing concern on her mind. She didn't know how much he knew of the situation, if any of them had beenwith other Knights, though if this situation with Despair had been going on until recent, it wasn't likely ... If Cole was still without the amulet, then may have caught hurts from Ben and/or Eve due to the situation with Ghostfreak, but there was no telling exactly he may gotten from it ...

Gently pulling away only enough to look at the others, she then spoke, "That's right ... Eve ... Right after I woke up this morning, there was a really dusturbing message from Ghostfreak on the City Knights channel ... He essentially told Ben that he was holding her hostage in ... A saloon, was it, I think ... And he would do ... Unspeakabe things to her if Ben didn't come alone and powerless to meet him ... I don't know how it has been going since ... Ghostfreak presumably has Eve's own radio and would no doubts listen in on any communications on our channel ... And I haven't managed to find any of the other Knights ... And I'm afraid of trying to find the place and causing that horrible threat to be carried out ..."

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Jun 29th 2017 at 8:48:19 PM

Ciri - Library Upstairs

"Hold on Yoshika, don't eat the table," Ciri said, standing up and reaching for her belt. She pulled out a toy made out of a set of brick-like plastic toys that were legally distinct from - and neither associated nor affiliated with - any existing brand of toy.

"Eat this instead," she took one of the bricks off and put it in her mouth, before holding the rest out for Yoshika to take. "It tastes like honey."

"Against all the evil that hell can conjure. All the wickedness that mankind can produce. We will send unto them... only you.
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Jun 29th 2017 at 8:55:04 PM

Eve|Wine Cellar To Outside|Idiots, All Of You

Eve looked at Ben. " was dumb...". She looked down at his now bare wrist, sorrow in her eyes. "...the Omnitrix..." As they walked out, she looked up at the Sun with wide eyes, reaching for it as best she could with a small movement of her arm. "...light."

Jun 29th 2017 at 9:02:10 PM

Yoshika, Adoption Town USA
Yoshika stopped mid-lick as Ciri broke into her pocket for a healthier alternative to eating an entire table's worth of chocolate. Nevermind that she can't process food like a normal person, she'd get cavities!

She pinched one of those things in between her fingers, sniffed it, licked it, and swallowed it. This was a kind of unfamiliar taste.

Her body shook slightly, resisting the urge to eat the rest of these things in one bite, as she took another Duplo from the stack. "...Shiri," she asked, "argh you shuuuure you're nod ingereshted?"

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Jun 29th 2017 at 9:19:55 PM

Chise - Streets

Seiga, that was the name of the person that enslaved Lewis. The first syllabe matched and according to Caro she was a necromancer, so all made sense. She also knew of what exactly happened with Eve. Someone called Ghostfreak was apparently holding her hostage and would do... things to her if Ben didn't go meet with him in some saloon. Since he had Eve's radio using it for communication was not an option, but I still needed to make sure that at least I could spread the message about what was going on with Lewis to someone else.

"You can still call individual people, right? Do you have Rex's number?" I asked Caro, my mind immediately going to Rex since he was one of the few people I had gotten the chance to really talk to that so far hadn't been involved in this chaos, "I can't do anything to save Lewis directly, so I'm settling for telling as many people that I can trust about it as I can."

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Jun 29th 2017 at 9:35:46 PM

Cole didn't have much to say as the others discussed around him, but after a second, he pulled away from Caro, shaking his head hard.

"I...I can...I can take you to Eve..." he said, sounding rather exhausted and somewhat strung out, but he shook his head again, as though trying to clear it. "I can take you to her, I can...she's...I can lead you to her...though her pain is...lessening...I can..."

He swallowed hard, turning back towards Arcade, though keeping his gaze downwards. "I can take you to her..."

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Jun 29th 2017 at 9:41:44 PM

Shifting Sands

The alpaca, as one might expect, did not enjoy the sudden sensation of human tongue pressing against its fleece, but seemed to be too tired to substantially resist.

Whether because it took the blue of her dress as a sign of good things or simply hadn't a clue where else to go, it slowly followed Mary on her path to the library, and probably might have lost sight of her were she not repeatedly stopping to grab candy off the floor, due to its increasingly failing strength.

Lewis - Sands ==> Library - Infiltration START!

"It's a legitimate question!" I blurted, not appreciating being shot down for asking something that could potentially be important.

But I got my answer anyway, as the others got the distraction ready...which apparently entailed tying Seiga up to use as bait. I was far from comfortable seeing her that way, but if they thought it would work...I filed that alibi away for the time being.

And then we moved, preparations done, after some marching reaching a glass-paned building (it looked like glass, anyway) that I could assume was the library.

I gathered my nerves for a moment, then gave a nod to my companions as I entered ahead of them.

As you might expect from the presumed hub of the city, there was a large number of people on the ground floor. I tried to see if I couldn't find any trace of the girl I remembered from the poster, or her so-called 'adoption committee', and found a sign guiding me upstairs. I glided to an elevator, trying to avoid detection.

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Jun 29th 2017 at 10:22:09 PM

Radio channel

As the latest song ended, the news announcers came back on.

"Okay, well we've got some more news now; I don't know if I'd really call it 'breaking news' since it seems to be over now, but a hostage situation has just been resolved" Jeff's voice began.

"Yes, the militia didn't want us talking about it because they thought the bad guy might have been able to hear our station. Some guy took a girl hostage and was taunting City Knights' leader Ben Tennyson about it, on their radio channel. We still don't have all the specifics, but it sounds like the bad guy's been taken down, and the girl is okay. We'll be back with more as we find out about it ourselves" Adam's voice filled in.

"While it's terrible that this happened in the first place, the fact that it was dealt with this quickly does make me pretty happy, Adam. I just hope that girl's okay" Jeff's voice said in a genuine tone.

"Oh yeah, definitely. Our hearts go out to her and I pray that she makes a full recovery from any physical or emotional damage she's suffered. But in the meantime, we'll get back to playing some more tunes" Adam's voice responded, then the announcers faded out as another song came on.

Outside the library

Rega and the floran stopped to wait, and Rega hoisted Seiga up slightly so he could hold onto her with one hand. His other hand grabbed a handle from his belt, which with a flick, then emitted a dual pair of orange-colored honey-plasma blades, which he pointed towards Seiga in a threatening motion. "Come on little girl, don't you want to see what happens next..?" Rega muttered to himself in his helmet, sounding like he was getting antsy.


"I thought he might be mad at me still... He would be right to" Silanea muttered after Elias' comment. After Curly's question, Silanea was silent for a while.

"... The boy taunted me... He taunted me with that man's voice. With the words he said to me that I..." Silanea finally began, but trailed off and started shaking some more; it seemed like she couldn't finish whatever that was.

Library, inside

It still seemed like maybe Seirwuosuhr wasn't completely understanding everything that Sin Sayer was saying, and though she looked a little apprehensive as the magic appeared, she relaxed as it coursed through her. The Miss Tairee sitting there twitched an eyebrow and gave a slight frown, but otherwise didn't react. Seirwuosuhr then looked up at Sin Sayer, he expression thoughtful and a bit confused. "... God? Which god?" Seirwuosuhr asked.

"At church they say there's only one god, and he's just God" Tommy mentioned.

Seirwuosuhr shook her head. "There's a bunch of gods. From the higher gods to all the lesser gods, there's at least like... A lot!" Seirwuosuhr responded to him, having been trying to count on her fingers before giving up on that. "More than this many!" the little girl added, holding up both hands with her fingers spread apart.

"Different universes, children" Miss Tairee reminded them simply again, as she took on a small smile. "Some universes don't have any gods. Some only have one. Some have just a few. Some have lots of gods. And what the gods do, what their purpose is, is different in different universes too" the librarian explained, then added, "one of my relatively recent predecessors retired to become a goddess among a pantheon, even."

"You- you know a god!?" Seirwuosuhr exclaimed, surprised.

"Actually she and I haven't spoken, but I have made great use of the notes she left behind. I've met plenty of other gods though" Miss Tairee answered.

"Really? What are they like?" Tommy asked.

"Usually self centered and arrogant" Miss Tairee responded rather plainly. "There are some nice ones, however" the librarian mentioned, with a quick glance at Sin Sayer.

Meanwhile, the Miss Tairee at the central desk glanced at the computer screen with a slightly raised eyebrow, then looked around the lobby before seeing Lewis, then looking past him through the transparent windows and doors to see the bound Seiga along with the sangheili and floran. She narrowed her eyes, then looked back to the computer and started typing.

Leaving the saloon

Louie followed along, recalling Pecha to her pokeball; when he stepped outside and saw Swishee looking uncomfortable in the heat, he gave an apologetic frown. "Sorry Swishee. Come on back" Louie said, and recalled her as well.

"It's weird sir. The guy seems to have died and turned to ashes, but the ashes didn't vanish" Nails reported on the walkie talkie.

"We should still assume he might've come back, just in case" Wells' voice responded.

"Roger that, sir. Just one more thing" Nails added, and hesitated for a few moments as he glanced at Ben. "... It's Ben, sir. He's been... Disarmed" the militia member said.

"... I see" Wells' voice said in an even tone after a slight pause.

"Hey, don't you still want this?" Phillip then asked as he came out last, and held out the broken pieces of the omnitrix in his cupped hand towards Ben. "Can't get it fixed if you leave it behind" the militia member explained simply.

"We'll come with you guys for now" Nails then mentioned, and the two started to head towards the library.

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Jun 29th 2017 at 10:33:51 PM

Seiga, Small Talk
The sound of energy cutting through the air didn't bother Seiga none. Right now, she was trying to get into character, that of a defeated, broken woman who had just lost her last chance at living a happy life. There was one thing that she learned to do a long time ago, and that was a perfectly faked crying, but there was a caveat: her eyes were too dry. Curse you once again, Sun.

When she was brought up, she grunted in pain, and though her face remained morose she chimed back "Just how old do you think I am, friend?"

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Jun 29th 2017 at 11:07:05 PM

Ciri - Library Upstairs

"My life is not one meant for children and happiness, Yoshika," Ciri said with a slightly saddened expression to the Jiangshi. "Witchers lead a lonely existence; walking the path, taking on contracts, sleeping at camps, caves, and inns. We face monsters of such overwhelming power that any sane man would flee in terror, and are looked down upon as outcasts by those we save. There's no true stability or safety to be found with a Witcher. Certainly preferable to Seiga having control of you, but with so many people in this city there are better alternatives."

"Against all the evil that hell can conjure. All the wickedness that mankind can produce. We will send unto them... only you.
Jun 29th 2017 at 11:26:26 PM

Yoshika, Adoption Center (On the 5th Floor, Ladies and Gentlemen)
"...But, that's what I already did," Yoshika said, slumping back down and sadly eating another MegaBlock. "We never really stayed anywhere for more than a week, and Seiga was an exorcist. She made me fight a lot of things...I probably would've fought them anyway, it was fun...but fighting and being alone was pretty much...everything?"

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Jun 29th 2017 at 11:33:29 PM

Library- Religious Discourse Between Two Demons, A Kid, and Some Librarians

"Like the Librarian says, there are many gods. Great ones, lesser ones, good ones, evil ones. The Priest Order does not enforce its religion upon those that do not wish it, though true followers will always look to The Lord for guidance despite all other divinities being about. The god I believe in has not given his name to us unlike the other deities such as Aphrodite or Usir, thus we simply call him either God or The Lord. He rewards the pious and gives his ordained the power to fight the sinners, monsters, and Imposters." Looking at Tommy and smiling that there seemed to be some similarities despite the different dimensions and culture, the Priest formed the sign of the cross towards the boy and prayed for his continued safety through sincere benediction.

"God cares not what your race is or where you come from. He only wants you to be good. To be good to both yourself and others... If you wholeheartedly believe in such ideals and try to strive to do your best while resisting baser temptations and sins, then you are already have the qualifications to be one of His followers. Even someone as lowly as I am considered as one His children, something that I always feel is too good for a person like me." Pausing as she heard Miss Tairee's words, Sin Sayer couldn't help but chuckle at the insinuation.

"Oh yes, The Lord is a very nice god as opposed to beings such as the vain Aphrodite. He most definitely looks out for his own children. Without his grace, I would not be able to converse with you all today and probably either an unholy abomination or slain and put six feet under. His divine grace was what converted the Blood Curse in my body into the Stigmata of the Original Sins. It is with this that I can shoulder the burdens of others' sins upon myself during my travels and drag the Imposters out from hiding for their cleansing." Tapping the vividly ornate red markings that were inscribed upon her bared shoulders, the scythe holder had an easy smile on her face as though it were simply talking about the weather.

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Jun 29th 2017 at 11:39:08 PM

Ciri - Library Top Floor

"There's more to life than just fighting monsters," Ciri replied. "Before coming to this city, did you ever go to school? Apprentice to a craftsman? Have any friends your own age? Fall in love?"

"Against all the evil that hell can conjure. All the wickedness that mankind can produce. We will send unto them... only you.
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Jun 30th 2017 at 12:40:51 AM


Spyro and Sparx followed the group back out into the desert sun, where the kid said they needed to get the girl, Eve, to a...Library? What?

"A library?" Spyro questioned, tilting his head and quirking his eyebrows. "Shouldn't we get her to a healer or something?"

"Maybe they have healers there?" Sparx suggested with a shrug. Spyro turned to look at at his dragonfly companion for a moment, before silently conceding, yeah, maybe.

Anyways, now that there were no baddies to beat down, Spyro figured now was a good time to get to the big questions.

"So, anyone wanna fill us in on where exactly we are? One minute we're at the dojo back in the Dragon Realms, the next we're here-wherever here is. What's the deal?" Spyro asked, eager to get some answers.

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Jun 30th 2017 at 2:32:57 AM


Jack stepped out into the sun, and slowly drifted a short distance above the heads of the rest of the group, making sure to keep Eve as still as he could and let the wind carry them aloft. He glanced down when Ben spoke, and said. "I could fly ahead. I'd probably get there faster by myself. Will you guys be ok?"

When a faint whisper came from the girl in his arms, the Guardian looked down. "Huh? Oh, is the sun too bright? Here." He turned in the air enough that his back and head blocked the sun from falling directly onto Eve's face.

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Jun 30th 2017 at 2:54:29 AM

Chinglish Joins Rex's Party

"Knock out not my style much." Shenhua shrugged indifferently, gesturing to her choice of weaponry. "Hard to knock out with only blades, yes?"

She could probably afford to knock the consciousness out of someone with a well-placed kick, she supposed. "Any case, let's go." Before they did go however, she couldn't help but overhear some of the Sin Sayer's words. Yes, this woman was nothing like the nuns of the Rip-off Church... or any other celestial dignitary she could think of. Nobody certainly advertised themselves with such shocking honesty.

"Aiya, you really are something." She hummed, half-smiling at Priest. "We doesn't get honest preachers much. Shame if city turns you bad. Stay with wits about you, yes?" And with that she left, following Rex to his freshly-created motorcycle. That was him. And the shape of said bike was... perhaps a little telling. Shenhua couldn't help but smirk at the sight. "Full of surprises, are we?"

"So, who this Silanea? Friend?" She inquired idly, taking a spot behind the driver in ways that would likely encourage him to not drive too fast. Hey, riding a bike in twos had disadvantages sometimes.

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Jun 30th 2017 at 3:07:10 AM


Caro identified Seiga as the woman they'd ridden the roller coaster with a few days ago. Arcade hadn't even been paying attention to the conversation about necromancy, which made him feel pretty foolish in hindsight.

Chise's suggestion for who to ask for help was... Not quite appreciated. "Isn't there someone else we could ask for help?" he asked. Rex was— from everything he could see— a brash idiot who would only make the situation worse by being involved.

However, Caro mentioned that the rest of the Knights were involved in the situation with Eve, and Cole did promise to help find her. That was a much more promising lead.

"If we find the Knights, we'll have a lot of helpful allies— more helpful than just Rex anyway," he said to Chise, sounding slightly exasperated at Rex's name. He trusted the Knights to be much more helpful after what he saw in the grocery grove.

He looked over at Cole hesitantly, his sympathy flaring to life again. "Don't think you owe me anything," he said, "if you really want to do this then thank you, but I'm not going to force you to help me."

I say that aloud too sometimes, just: "man, no life."
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Jun 30th 2017 at 3:50:47 AM

Eve|Just Deserts|She Ain't Gonna Wake Up Anytime Soon

Eve shook her head slightly at Jack. "...that wasn’t....that wasn't what I meant..." she trailed off, and very slowly closed her eyes, clearly trying to keep them open. In this she failed, however, and Eve drifted into (thankfully dreamless) unconsciousness.

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Jun 30th 2017 at 3:52:02 AM

Elias - Hospital Room

"Shouldn't you bear the full brunt of his anger then? You've hurt someone thanks to your reckless behavior. It's only fair that you should endure the punishment awaiting for you, instead of looking for a way to lessen it or avoid it althogether. Even if all it's going to be is a simple scolding."

Clearly there were also thing I was missing regarding her situation. Specifically I lacked a clear reason behind her violent outburst, other than the fact that it was due to the impersonation of someone she knew and clearly hated. That was something for the little girl there to deal with and so I focused entirely on the point I've been making so far.

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Jun 30th 2017 at 4:20:10 AM

Outside the library

"I don't care about the aging patterns of humans" Rega said bluntly and honestly.

Inside the library

"Hey, that's our church's symbol" Tommy said, pointing at Sin Sayer's hands when she formed the cross, then at the cross pendant she had.

"That's a common one around the multiverse thanks to the bleeding effect" Miss Tairee mentioned simply.

Seirwuosuhr looked down and fidgeted her hands a bit, and seemed to be thinking about something. She looked at Miss Tairee for a moment, then back at Sin Sayer. "My mommy says we... We fallen ones can't trust the gods. Because they burned our homeland with the great fire mountain, out of spite" Seirwuosuhr said, a bit hesitantly. "So since then, the gods have been the enemy to the fallen ones" the little girl continued.

"Proper term for the 'demons' of her universe" Miss Tairee quietly said aside to Sin Sayer, just in case the woman hadn't put two and two together on her own.

"B-but back home, we have to be careful about that" Seirwuosuhr then went on. "Mommy says we can't let other people know that she and I don't like the gods, because then they might figure out what we are. So we go the weekly mass and sit in the back, and mommy silently curses at the gods if nobody sits near us" the little girl finished, frowning just a little and looking forward at nothing in particular. Sometime while she was talking, she drifted one hand into her shirt collar, grabbing and holding something that was hidden behind her shirt.

Leaving the saloon

"Oh? Another newcomer? You'll want to come to the library anyway, then; that's where most of the answers are" Phillip said to Spyro as they walked.

Hospital room

Silanea didn't seem to move, other than her light shaking, which slowly calmed down and tapered off. "... I don't know if I can take that now" Silanea muttered, not looking up.

Then the door suddenly opened, and lo and behold, Dave walked in; his white coat had been turned molasses black, and his Hawaiian flower pattern shirt was now mint green with chocolate flowers. "Oh hey, there you are, uh... You" Dave said to Elias as he walked up beside him. "Can you believe this day? Look what I just pulled out of one of the militia guys" the doctor mentioned, holding up a pair of bullet-shaped gumdrops, which he then popped into his mouth and began to chew while adding, "don't worry I just washed them."

After taking a moment to swallow, he glanced at Curly and Silanea on the bed. "So, how's the patient doing?" Dave asked simply.

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Jun 30th 2017 at 4:27:51 AM

Joel went over, reading it. Once he finished, he decided that it was fortunate Shaggy and Scooby Doo, along with Homer Simpson, weren't here, otherwise.......

"Thanks for the information. I think we'll stay here for a bit, avoid any trouble." With that, he went back to the bots, and told them what he had found.

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am a man of wealth and taste. Nice to meet you, hope you can guess my name.
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Jun 30th 2017 at 5:25:11 AM

Fawful entered the library.

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Jun 30th 2017 at 9:27:37 AM

Ursula - Following the Reading Rainbow (Streets -> Library)

Library? I gotta go there to get-? H-hey! Ursula exclaimed as she saw the boy take flight in her broom. She followed his flight for a short distance then stopped and watched as he flew to wherever he needed to be. Ursula coughed up the sugary sand that rose from him taking flight and adjusted her hat.

OK, now where did he say the library was...? Center of this world huh? she pondered walking forward from her position. A large round building with glass walls. That shouldn't be hard to find... She started to jog a bit to hastened her search, despite the heat of the desert.

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Jun 30th 2017 at 9:48:08 AM

Outside the Library

"And you haven't seen anything yet" Rex smugly told Shenhua.

She was also curious to know if Silanea was one of Rex's friends. Something like that. The fact that Shenhua was holding onto him didn't make the situatiom easier. He really needed to build a seatbelt in this thing.

"It's complicated. We used to hate each other, but I think we are cool now"

Before he could head off to the hospital. Rex saw a blue haired tied up. It was... her. The single worst person in the city. The necromancer.

He enjoyed bad guys getting their comeuppance but killing in cold blood wasn't his style. Besides, killing her in the city would just mean she was free again.

Rex drove off to where Rega was, trying to see what this whole thing was about. He didn't look like he was from the militia and executions weren't their thing either.

"Whatcha doing there with that blade, big guy? You know, when I said she was bad I wasn't actually expecting anyone to do something like this. But killing her isn't gonna work. Why don't you let me handle this?"

The candy theme made Rex miss the obvious until he was close enough to the guy. Past the strange colors, he actually recognized him.

"Wait, I know you. You were that guy that was piloting the anti-human spaceship a while back"

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Jun 30th 2017 at 9:56:43 AM

Fawful is currently inside the library.

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