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Sep 20th 2022 at 5:40:31 AM

Hearthome City Outskirts

Hoops doesn't get pushed back by the psychic, but it is enough to stop them moving forwards any further. They decide to roll with it.

They look over at the clearly afraid Chase and smile a massive grin. Their eyes flash a bright and demonic red, and their arm explodes into a huge tangle of twisting bandages that's twice the size of them. It casts a huge shadow that falls over Chase.

When they talk, their voice has an ominous reverberation effect. "If you deliver stuff, then deliver a message for me to all your templar friends. Be very, very afraid. Because I won't give this much mercy again."

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chaos catby with a flannel shirt addiction
Sep 20th 2022 at 6:04:17 AM

Hearthome outskirts

Chase: I mean I could tell them but they wouldn't be that fussed! They'd all be like "oh well you only think that because you're so weak and by the way because of that we're going to replace you"! Also surely you'd have a bigger advantage if they didn't know you were coming? Like if I went and told them and they took me seriously for once they'd probably be more prepared for that crazy looking bandage thing!

Meanwhile, Shelf uses Roar towards Cof to try and force it back into it's poke ball.

Jess picks themself up and sends Robin out. However, they seem less concerned about Chase and more ready to either flee or defend themselves from whatever Hoops was doing.

Jess: ...What in the distortion world?

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Sep 20th 2022 at 6:31:44 AM

Rory's Van

Rory sat at the table, staring at Nico. "Nico what did you do?"

The mechanic had a smug grin that said far too much. "I dunno whatcha talkin' about."

"You've got your devious face on. Nico what did you do?"

Nico sighed. "You're perceptive, fine. I put out some ads and got some hits for new pokemon."

Rory frowned. "Really? You can do that?"

"There are entire websites meant for this kind of thing, so I picked out some new friends for ya."

She opened the door and in stepped a Lucario with a black and grey colour scheme, Rory quirked a brow at the sight. "Uhm... what's with the fur?"

~Long story, put it down to genetics and breeding. Ever heard of Patriot Incorporated?~ The Lucario answered.

"Isn't that the company that the Orrean Senator guy... Anderson right? Isn't he involved with that?"

~That's the one. You can call me Raiden, I've got history with them and got away.~

Rory had several questions, namely how did he even form a profile to meet up for this, still... Rory extended a hand, Raiden shook it. "Good to have you on board, had two other mons before but they're off... doing their own thing for now."

~Well damn that's rough. I'll be of as much help as I can, I also came with someone else, wonder where he is.~

Out of Rory's phone popped a Blue Porygon2 with bright yellow eyes and what seemed to be red lines accenting its body. Raiden didn't seem too surprised. ~Oh there they are. Meet V1.~

V1 waved, Rory waved back. "Do... do they talk?"

~Nah, but they can be understood if you can understand basic body language.~

Sep 20th 2022 at 8:35:42 AM

Hearthome City Outskirts

Cof is forced away, but as soon as the Roar is completed Sud goes in for another Head Smash.

Hoops smiles. "It's of no consequence to me whether or not they listen to you. You're a courier, and I've given you a message."

"Oh, and," they add. They motion to Jess. "She's off limits. Tell them that as well."

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Sep 20th 2022 at 10:23:18 AM

Battle Academy

-Xavier rocks back and forth on her heels as the elevator goes up. This was taking a bit longer than she expected.-


-The elevator stops, and the doors open. Xavier has to shield her eyes with her hand due to the bleached white shine of the floors.-

Xavier: Ack! Jeez!

-She steps out of the elevator.-

Xavier: Um, hello? Mister Retek asked for me?

-She soon realizes that all around her in every direction are computers. Screens showing data and messages flying across in rapid manner. Also books. Lots and lots of books, with some strange titles if any at all.-

Retek: Ah, there you are.

-Retek's black suit is almost as striking as the white of the General Administration floor as he steps from around the corner.-

Retek: Yeah, it's pretty bright in here. C'mon, lets head over someplace a little less... sterile.

-Xavier follows Retek into a side room. It looks to be an archive with old, paper records that have either not already been transcripted to digital or have rare, unique paper copies. What doesn't make sense, though, is the sheer space between the archive shelves. You could put four people shoulder-to-shoulder and still have room between them.-

Xavier: Wow, it smells... old in here.

Retek: Yeah it does. Anyway, I wanted to test you a bit in here. Get an idea as to what kind of stuff you're capable of. Not a physical like what Nurse Doh is gonna be giving you, but rather a more... practical test.

Xavier: ... In here? With all this important stuff here?

Retek: Oh, don't worry.

-He walks up to one of the shelves and pokes it. A field of static in mid-air repels his finger before it can make contact with any of the old leather tomes.-

Retek: The shields on these things could stop damn near anything.

-He takes out a tennis ball.-

Retek: But for now, I want to test your reflexes.

Xavier: Oh?

Retek: Catch.

-He throws the ball at her. She catches it with one hand.-

Retek: Alright, that's baseline. Toss it back.

-Xavier does so with a lazy arc, and Retek lets it land back in his hand.-

Retek: You ready? I'm gonna put a bit of an english on this one.

-He tosses it, a bit harder and with much more of a spin. The ball ricochet's off of the floor and one of the shelf shields before Xavier catches it with both hands.-

Retek: Alright, alright, pretty good. One more.

-Xavier, now fairly concerned, throws it back and makes her stance wide.-

Retek: Here we go~

-In the blink of an eye, Retek has the ball cocked behind him. In the next blink, it's out of his hand and mid-air towards Xavier.-

-Without any time to think, Xavier twists her torso to let the ball fly past here, where it hits the door, bounces off at a wild angle, and is now pinballing like crazy around the room.-

-Retek smiles. He's still got it.-

-Xavier's eyes follow the ball as it makes rapid-fire ricochets around the room before she eventually takes to steps to the left and holds up her hands.-

Retek: ?

-The ball hits a particularly jank corner and starts flying wildly, hitting the ceiling, and going straight over Xavier's head.-

-She jumps, her already outstretched arms catching the ball... and all of its retained momentum.-

-Refusing to let go, she gets pulled backwards by the sudden gain of backwards momentum and is sent tumbling and rolling on the floor.-

Xavier: ... Ow.

Retek: Oh shit. That... huh.

???: Just what are you doing in here, Roland?

-The sound of hard shoes on tile can be heard as one of the doors swings open. A woman with deathly pale skin and light blue, almost white hair walks in, a book slung under her arm.-

Retek: Oh, uh, hi, Angela! I was just, uh-

Angela: Slacking off again?

Retek: No, actually! I was giving our first student a once-over, the Fixer way!

-Angela looks down at the dizzy and confused red-haired girl on the floor, who is desperately clutching a ball to her chest.-

Angela: "The Fixer way".

Retek: Look, it was that or a knife. You decide which one Dune would prefer.

Angela: Fair enough. Who is this, anyway?

Retek: Her name's Xavier. She managed to catch me throwing at full force.

Angela: Is that why she appears to be presently incapacitated?

Xavier: All around the Kee Berry bush, the Growlithe chased the Mankey...

Retek: Um. Yes.

Angela: ... Why are you so interested in her?

Retek: I think that's a conversation for behind closed doors.

Angela: The doors are closed.

Retek: C'mon, Angela, not when she's right there.

Angela: Fine. But you will tell me.

Retek: Count on it.

Angela: Also, she still requires a psychological evaluation from Hanib and a physical from Doh.

Retek: Yeah, yeah, I know...

Angela: Followed by a baseline studies assessment from Amkoh.

Retek: ...

Angela: You're giving me that look again.

Retek: Are you sure you want Amkoh with kids around? He was already pretty crabby before, I get the feeling kids would just... irk him.

Angela: He seems to work well with Therephit.

Retek: You know damn well that she doesn't count.

Angela: Very well, then. I will sit in on the assessment.

Retek: ... You're not gonna do it wearing a plague mask, are you?

Angela: Please do not bring up that particularly embarrassing outburst of mine.

Retek: Alright, fair enough.

-The both look down at Xavier again, who appears to now be regaining some coordination.-

Retek: Good job, kid.

-Xavier beans Retek in the forehead with the ball.-

Angela: Hit you right between the eyes despite not having a fully restored sense of balance. Not bad.

Xavier: You can catch the ssssssshtupid ball next time, you jerk.

Retek: I don't feel that I deserved that.

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Sep 20th 2022 at 11:08:33 AM

 Hoenn, Less Long Ago 

-the air was oily and slick-

-the shadows under the tree line were—are—cloying, as the girl...45, she called herself? cycles glowing purple something from body part to body part-

-Shaun's sitting in a pack of wolves again, for some reason that's probably still curiosity-

Rhodium: ~You tell anyone I was here?~

Shaun: -shivers- N—

Rhodium: ~Quiet.~

-never mind, this is terrifying, Shaun thinks-

-he tries to answer without...answering-

Rhodium: ~...just think. Like this.~

Poochyena: -wrinkling her snout- <...this human reeks. Do we really have to sit next to him?>

Not Yet Lady: <Yes.

Poochyena: <Are you sure?>

Not Yet Lady: -snarl- <Who's the alpha here?>

Poochyena: <But…but that's not a rank that fits in our society! We see that social structure exclusively in captive packs, that resort to a competitive, dominance-centered hierarchy out of the absence of a communal family-centric one and the resultant trauma—>

Ladyn't: -snaps-

Poochyena: -yips-

Shaun: What do you think they're talking about?

Rhodium: Shut it.

Shaun: -yelps-

-and he slaps his hands over his mouth...then lifts them slowly off his face to place them back on his face but more quietly this time-


-Rhodium stares at him-

-she, strictly speaking, sees the thoughts that drive him to return-

-she just doesn't...understand-

Rhodium: ~...why are you so curious about me?~

Shaun: You're interesting?

-...he tries to project, but the rest of his thoughts are just sitting there-

-because he's bored of his classes, bored of his peers, bored of everything-

-because he doesn't really want to go back to his dorm or his house-

-because he's a little worried how she hasn't already died from salmonella-


Rhodium: ~So because daddy doesn't love you, you're sitting in the dirt with a cryptid instead of eating—caviar [Lunchables].~

-the speed at which the sting fades...-

Shaun: do you know what those are but not Poochyena?

-45 actually snaps her teeth at him, amazingly-

Rhodium: ~Don't you have something you need to be doing?~

Shaun: -laughing- Now you really do sound like my old man!

-he puffs up his chest-

Shaun: "The de Vaughn family should be running this town, boy! Commence your studies! Commence your training! You're fit to CEO—" Like anyone cares if we're 'actual' Devons.

-snort, soft- Like I can outbattle or outthink Joseph Stone. Get real.

Rhodium: ...

-she looks:-

'''Rhodium: ~"You've got your whole life ahead of you."~

-Shaun stills-

Rhodium: ~That's what he says. "You've got your whole life ahead of you."~

Shaun: What kind of life is that?

Rhodium: ~If you did what he said, and you succeeded, he couldn't tell you what to do any more. You could tell him what to do—him and all those classmates you can't stand.~

Shaun: I don't think I can do that.

-I don't want that, says his innermost mind-

Rhodium: ~You don't know anything else. If you don't—no more caviar, no more loafers—might as well go live in the woods.~

Shaun: -sitting up- There are other places...?

Rhodium: ~You think he's going to let you go? After everything he's invested in you, you'll be lucky if he lets you leave his sight. Freedom's short, and dirty.~

Shaun: But it'll be mine.

-they can't meet each others' eyes-

-eye contact is a challenge, whether sliver-slick psionics or plain, sad brown, and neither of them really wants...-

-to know the victor-

Rhodium: -quietly- ~You'll have failed.~

Shaun: I think...I'd...rather have a failed life where I stand for nothing than a successful one where everything I stand for belongs to someone else.

Rhodium: ~...and do...what with it?~

Shaun: -puff- I don't know. Anything else.

-anything at all-

Rhodium: ...

-she reads something, there, and...-

Rhodium: ~I don't need fixing.~

Shaun: -blink- You're fine as you are.

Rhodium: ~I'm not a project to replace your dad.~

Shaun: No. No, it's—

Rhodium: -finally- ~It's—you're thinking of—buying me things? Why? I won't be dependent on your cash.~

Shaun: -hysterical- It's not like I'll have this for much longer anyway!

Rhodium: ~Then...what?~

Shaun: -miserably- I...I don't...know how to explain it. Just...

-you're terrified of the people that made you-

-you're so smart, and one pack of wolves sees it-

-you're so curious, and i'm terrified you'll live and die in this forest before seeing what ramen tastes like-

Shaun: One trip. And whoever it is you're running from won't even know.

-45 stares at him, glimmering violet running through her irises-

-she takes his hand-

Sinnoh, Safe House

-Molybdenum stiffens, placing a moratorium on Neo registering stimuli-

-she can't afford this right now-

-she needs to argue. she needs...-

Molybdenum: ~You're talking about giving up everything I stand for.~

-she wants to be wrong-

-she wants to be wrong so badly-

-inside her mind, the restraining bolt on her powers—on the execution of those powers, on certain subjects, in certain contexts—is looped and chained through a single thought:-

She died, and I did nothing.

-there is an end coming for her, and she doesn't know when-

-there's a vast plot revolving through her, and at the end it'll all be worth it-

-there's an eight-ball around her neck, full of embalming fluid and the last thing she received from...-

-precious memories quiver in their cells. is it finally time to open them?-

Molybdenum: -to Pef- ~Can you make something of me?~

Hearthome, Apartment

Haru: Should've—stayed in that forest after all, huh?

Rhoda: ~No. Never.~

Murkrow: Rrrrhoda!! Sseerr!

Rhoda: -groaning- ...oh, they're the worst.

Murkrow: For you!!

-even if her legs weren't worn to brittleness from the Agility they were designed for, she'd never be able to outrun that, she knows—the effort is pointless-

Rhoda: ~Come on.~

-she finds herself wanting to run, anyway-

-and she's learned new tricks:-

-she takes hold of the coats she crocheted for herself and Haru, channels power into them, and prays to the one that got away-

Rhoda used Magic Coat!

-Lady puts up a good fight, but she's limping, one foot charred-

-more than enough to keep up with even a very fit human-

-...but she's not a proficient enough battler to keep her Play Rough relevant, and a Garchomp pries her off easily-

Lady: -bloodied- <Not over yet! Not over!>

Rhoda: -cough- Ice Fang!

-Lady seizes Eltanin's claw between her jaws and goes for broke-

Haru: Ah—she's open!

-so Noctowl soars over Tellurium, glaring down-

Noctowl: -blades of air forming…?- <'re trying to hurt my Trainer.>

-...but even now, he's not a killer-

Noctowl: -staring- <Just go to sleep.>

Noctowl used Hypnosis!

Haru: ...well, I'll be! We might have a chanc—

-knock, knock-

-and no one here is stupid enough to take that as a sign of hope-

Rhoda: ~The window.~

Haru: Our Pokémon—

-Murkrow sees Thuban's station by the door, and attempts to seal her in front of it-

Murkrow used Mean Look!

Murkrow & Lady: GO!>

Noctowl: -to his Trainer- <I have Protect, and Whirlwind. I'll be fine.>

<I just need to see this through.>

-when you know someone long enough, you know what they mean even if you don't know what they're saying-

Haru: Okay.

-he wheels Rhoda around, wrapped in her power, aims for the window, and charges-

Stormchaser, Daydre's Room (Maybe)

-inside is not a pipe bomb-

-it is a significant quantity of fine linen bandages, some unperfumed poultices, and a plain white card-

Because you injure yourself frequently.

- Mme. Macraul

-Abilene's screaming very quietly into a pillow-

Elsewhere, Probably

-another box might have a lower chance of finding its way to Aislinn-

Stormchaser, Entrance

-Ama knocking throws up sparks, red-white and warning...-

-but the door's wrenched open, and a befuddled enby, half in braids, peers down at them-

Logan: -blink blinks-

-into their Styler- Hiro, shut off the wards, it's a kid. Bleeding.

-the static from the other end isn't encouraging, but eventually the sparks stop-

Logan: -to the Daydres- Come on, this way...

-they're stepping backward, not looking where they're going, but two feet from the entrance into the hallway is one of the Stormchaser's medbays-

Logan: ...Ama, right? From the wildlife study?

-Storm Centers, really-

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Sep 20th 2022 at 12:14:40 PM

Hearthome Outskirts

Shelf takes critical damage and faints, and is quickly withdrawn. Micro climbs back onto Chase.

Chase: I'll be sure to let them know! Lovely talking to you, bye!

With the Cofagrigus out of play, they make a hasty retreat and teleport away. Robin gives Hoops an annoyed look. Jess looks somewhat embarrassed.

Robin: <It's they, not she.>

Jess: I should've picked a better name... Thanks for helping me. I have no idea what that guy was on about.

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Sep 20th 2022 at 2:22:09 PM

Stormchaser, Daydre's Room

Daydre looks at the items quizzically, but decides to take this as a gesture of kindness(?)

She whips out her phone and scrolls a bit, looking for Abilene's number in the groupchat.

To Abilene
From Daydre
uhhh, this is from you right?


i mean i don't really know many macrauls by name and even fewer are on speaking terms with me lol so uh


thank you? for the gift? it's

very thoughtful

Stormchaser, Aislinn's Room Probably

Aislinn still isn't used to this whole "living on a magical sapient airship" thing but she's getting used to weird things happening at least.

A package appearing mysteriously on her doorstep is not the weirdest thing that's ever happened to her so she picks it up, trusts it's not a pipe bomb due to the nature of the ship, and opens it.

Stormchaser Entrance

On the doorstep is, well, Ama, holding Strontium by the hastily bandaged hand. The both of them look somewhat dishevelled and are bleeding from various places, but they both look alert and awake.

Ama: ".. Yes. I should probably be glad that's what you know me from."

Strontium looks vaguely uneasy, but Ama sorta nudges her in.

Ama: "I'm still not sure how they did it, but it's safe here. Don't worry."

Ama lets Strontium go in first before following behind.

off the shits
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Sep 20th 2022 at 2:24:47 PM

Sinnoh, Safe House

-Neo goes back to work with a shrug-

-PEFE!Every frowns-

PEFE!Every: I was under the impression that you had goals more than ideals. I'd be interested in being corrected, but...

-she pauses-



-she does not have a nice smile. Nobody ever suggested as a child that she should smile when happy, it has never been particularly necessary when around Pokemon. It is primarily a threat display, and shows a lot of teeth-

-but as smiles go, it is probably somewhat familiar to Molybdenum at this point-

PEFE!Every: I could make anything of you.

Hearthome Apartment

-Tellurium wavers-

-squeezes her eyes shut-

Tellurium: I'm not that vulnerable.

-while Eltanin snarls-

Eltanin: <You're out of practice, huh.>

-using the jaw around his claw to hold Lady in place, he swipes down with a headbutt-

Eltanin used Dragon Rush!

-Thuban stares at the Murkrow in bored confusion-

Thuban: <Did you think I was going to go somewhere?>

-he pats the Murkrow's head-

<Don't be silly. I'm a professional.>

-as Rhoda and Haru approach the window, they may find themselves tugged backwards-

-because parts of them have been unwilling to move-

Thuban's Shadow Tag prevented escape!

Thuban: <Eltanin, can you handle whatever bit of nonsense is keeping you occupied? I'm just wrapping up over here—>

-as a sphere of light arcs through the room-

Thuban used Future Sight!

-the knocking gets more insistent-

Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
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Sep 20th 2022 at 2:39:15 PM

To: 43347Bond

Hey, uh, probably out of the loop but is there a reason you want to trade Gilmour?

From: Sholto

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Sep 20th 2022 at 2:43:03 PM


43347Bond: Hello, Sholto. It's funny; Gilmour himself was the one that requested it. He's grown a lot under my care, and went from being afraid of his own death to actively wanting to live his life to the fullest. And now that he wants to live his life to the fullest, he wants to experience it all. He's had a lot of fun with me, but he's not completely satisfied.

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Sep 20th 2022 at 2:46:24 PM

To: 43347Bond

Ooooh, examinations of mortality? Wanting to experience something new? Sounds like a cool time! I could get someone for trading for that so I could show him a time around hopefully!

From: Sholto

"life is just a series of increasingly canon-eluding ao3 tags" ~ everydunsparce "Keep your hellfruit away from me, tempter" ~ also Every
OPALGARNET16 Priest of the Temple of Syrinx from Nighttree, New Jersey Relationship Status: Abstaining
Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
Sep 20th 2022 at 2:55:34 PM


43347Bond: Excellent. Can't wait to meet you, Sholto.

43347Bond set up a conversation with ProgramusInterruptus.

43347Bond: Ah, Braker. I have good news.

ProgramusInterruptus: So do I. I assume you got a trade partner?

43347Bond: Indeed. Someone named Sholto. Don't know who they are, or what mon they'll send over, but.

ProgramusInterruptus: Ahhh. Wonderful. In terms of my news, I just looked it up and apparently it says you can just go to Alola if you want to go to Ultra Space.

43347Bond: Really!

ProgramusInterruptus: Yeah, there are portals everywhere.

43347Bond: Well. That solves that, then. Alright. After I trade Gilmour off, I'll head to Alola. It'd be a fun time for the new Pokemon.

ProgramusInterruptus: Alright, then. Good luck.

43347Bond: Thanks.

43347Bond returned to her conversation with Sholto.

43347Bond: So! Where would you like to meet me?

Hi, I’m oghond, and I’m a Rushaholic. Sorry if I annoy you unintentionally. 😅
CorvusAtrox from the Dueling Arena Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
Sep 20th 2022 at 2:57:30 PM

To: 43347Bond

Hmmm, good question! You have any place that's more convenient for you? Could just do somewhere in the Stormchaser worst case.

From: Sholto

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Sep 20th 2022 at 3:04:27 PM

Battle Academy

-Xavier looks up at the sign.-

-"Psychiatry, Psychology, and Philosophy".-

-There's a smaller sign hung up beneath it, written by someone with an obvious penchant for pranking.-

-"And Tea. Not necessarily in that order."-

-She knocks.-

???: Come in.

-The door slides open, and Xavier heads inside.-

-She almost regrets doing so as the room suddenly begins to feel very... heavy.-

-Instead of the greys, silvers, and whites in the other parts of the facility, here, everything is a dark ebony, with gold and brass highlights on most things. Sitting in the center of the room is a table, and sitting at that table is a woman with side-swept hair and a black-and-gold robe. She isn't dressed like anything any of the other faculty.-

Hanib: Greetings, child. I've been expecting you. Please, have a seat.

-Xavier slowly goes up to a chair at the table and sits.-

Hanib: I am Hanib, teacher of philosophy and faculty psychiatrist.

Xavier: You're not... like the others.

Hanib: Is that a statement, or a question?

-Xavier realizes just how she'd worded the sentence and furrows her brow for a moment.-

Hanib: Either way, your assessment is correct. While the others knew each other for many years before my inclusion into this strange group, I only joined later. Not recently, by any measure of time, but our backgrounds are very different as well.

Xavier: So... why did you want to see me?

Hanib: Just some basic questions. I am also waiting for my tea kettle to boil. Would you like some?

Xavier: I'm not... really a fan of tea, personally.

Hanib: Of course. You may be a great deal more young, but you still derive from similar background to Retek. It's only natural your palette would be most used to that which was most commonly available.

Xavier: Wait, Retek? He's from-

Hanib: I'm sorry. Elaborating would be overstepping my bounds. We are not here to ask questions of him. We are here to ask questions of you.

Xavier: ... Yeah, okay.

Hanib: Now tell me... what does "independence" mean to you?

Xavier: ... Um?

-She scratches her head for a moment.-

Xavier: "Independence", huh... I guess, if I would have to say...

-She pauses one more time to collect her thoughts.-

Xavier: Independence is the ultimate ideal. Being able to make any choice, and being able to make those choices mean something. But... I guess it's a bit more tough than that? Like, life isn't just one person making their own... story, I guess. It's a bunch of other people going about their own stories, too. And when they all start crossing or hitting one another you get... stuff. Sorry, I'm not very good at this.

Hanib: That is quite alright, child. As you gain experience, you will gain the vocabulary with which to express such sentiments more clearly. It is a natural part of growing up.

-She takes a pen and jots down a short note in her journal.-

Hanib: Next... What is "family" to you?

-Xavier's face becomes cloudy with conflicting emotions.-

Hanib: ... You need not discuss the matter if you do not feel comfortable.

Xavier: I... yeah. I...

Hanib: Do not worry. You are not the first to find family a difficult concept to discuss.

-She makes another short note.-

Hanib: Lastly... what is a "star"?

-Xavier gives her a confused look.-

Xavier: A... star? Like the stars in the sky?

Hanib: Indeed. Or, a star of popularity, or of power. Something that shines brightly above, seemingly out of reach and yet ever-present.

-She lifts a hand, and the room fills with the glow of distant starlight. The ceiling, bookshelves, walls, and the air all glimmer with dots of luminescence.-

Hanib: What do you think of them, in your own words?

Xavier: Well...

-She reaches out and taps a starmote, sending it floating off on an altered trajectory.-

Xavier: They don't feel so out-of-reach for me. I mean, they used to.

-She hugs her new, comfy jacket to her body.-

Xavier: But one of them came down and helped me when all I had to give in return was anger. They took that one-sided deal... and still gave me a dream come true in return. And I don't think I can ever, with all the experience in the world, put into words how much that means to me. So... I guess... I want to use that opportunity given to me, by the star that came down to grant my wish... to do the same to someone else down the line. As many times as I can.

-Hanib nods.-

-She jots down in her journal.-

Hanib: Thank you for visiting me today. That is all the questions I have. If ever you feel the urge to talk, or simply to try my black tea, I will be here.

-Xavier nods and heads to the door.-

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Sep 20th 2022 at 3:22:07 PM


43347Bond: I'm currently in Striaton City in Unova, if you'd like to just meet me there.

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To: 43347Bond

Oh, okay! I can try and be at the Pokemon Center there at some point.

From: Sholto

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Snowpoint Temple

-Everything inside here LOOKS normal-

-However Merlin and Fou seem to be looking for something A Bnormal-

-And Daydre notices it first- a strange etching in the wall-

Meat Palace

-Beneath Lead Monkey's's ripped-off goggles are... another pair of googles. But these are new. Diffrent. Shiny.-

Ah, now you're starting to see reason. Because let's be honest. You're tired of being stuck and alone, unable to impact the world anymore. Stop being afraid. Stop letting others take advantage of you like your old, old shame. Go out and do some violence. I art thou. Thou art I.

-Lead Monkey gives ann unholy screech and rips his new goggles off too, with a spurt of blood-

-A blue flame bursts around him and behind him appears a massive Chimchar with alchemist robes and blue runes instead of flames-

Lead Monkey: <Now I see what you all were talking about! I feel 200 years younger! Let's GET THEM!>

Lavender Tower

-The hole is real but Gale at least gets across it fine. When she reaches the elevator she notices... Something stuck in the door-

Pastoria City

-Horatio is here-

-He is gingerly clutching a Safari Ball-

Contact Me!
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Sep 20th 2022 at 4:31:01 PM


43347Bond: Alright. Thanks.

Straiton City

Kim got off the phone and immediately sent out all of her Pokemon, who promptly turned to look at her in excitement.

<So?> asked Dalt. <Did you get any good news?>

"I did, actually," said Kim. "Apparently, there are some portals to Ultra Space in Alola, meaning we can just head there immediately."

<Sweet!> cried Elton.

<Oh! Well, that's convenient,> Geddy added.

<Huh,> Sinatra said.

Kim nodded. "Indeed. So we'll be heading to Alola soon. But... before that..."

She turned to face Gilmour.

"Gilmour?" she asked.

Her Cursola glanced up at her, his eyes shimmering pink. Kim nodded.

"It's time," she said. "I've found you a trade partner."

With that said, she started for the Pokemon Center, motioning for Gilmour and the rest of her mons to follow her.

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Sep 20th 2022 at 4:33:40 PM

Hearthome City Outskirts

Hoops' appearance changes back from horror movie monster to slightly pale punk child. They turn to Jess and give an apologetic smile.

"Sorry. I should know better than to assume pronouns, it was just very heat of the moment you know? And sorry if that whole thing scared you. As for who that guy was..."

They gesture to the outdoor seating area of a cafe a bit further down the street. "It's a really long story."

Canalave City Gym, past

"That Riolu of yours is strong," Byron says, reaching for his final pokéball. "However, I suspect it may have a problem against this!"

He throws his pokéball. It opens, releasing a Bastiodon several inches above the ground. Even falling that short distance is enough to send cracks through the battlefield, causing LuLu to wince from the shockwaves.

"Can you battle?" Xaster asks. She barks something at him that can be roughly translated as "try and stop me."

"Okay," Xaster nods. "In that case, use Force Palm!"

LuLu rushes towards Bastiodon and slams her palm into its forehead, sending a surge of auric energy into her foe.

Byron smiles. "Iron Head!" Bastiodon's skull hardens even more than it was before, and it makes a shoving motion. LuLu is thrown backwards, where she slams into a rock and lies still.

"Riolu is unable to battle," the referee declares. "Therefore Bastiodon wins."

Xaster returns LuLu to her ball. "You did really well," he notes. "Now, ChuChu, come out!"

He calls back his Pikachu, whose dizziness has long since faded. He slaps his cheeks to amp himself up. "Use Thunderbolt!"

ChuChu releases a powerful bolt of electrical energy that hardly seems to faze Bastiodon. It gives him a look that seems suspiciously like a raised eyebrow.

"Iron Head," Byron tells it. Bastiodon moves for the first time, slowly at first but gradually picking up speed.

"Mega Punch!" Xaster yells in reply. ChuChu slams his fist into Bastiodon, but it does nothing to stop the charge and he is thrown back.

"If what you're doing isn't working," Xaster hears in his mind, in the voice of Hoops, "then try something else, idiot."

"Right," he thinks. "So if attacking the front didn't work..."

"ChuChu!" he yells. "Use Agility and get behind Bastiodon!"

Byron frowns. "Rock Tomb!"

ChuChu begins to run forwards, picking up speed as he goes until he is like a blur. Boulders materialise in the air and fall to the ground around him in an attempt to cut him off. They enclose him in front and behind, but there is a space in front, and a rock falling down to fill it. ChuChu puts on a burst of speed and slides under the rock at the last second, emerging outside of the prison. And now behind Bastiodon.

"Thunderbolt!" Xaster shouts. ChuChu rushes up to Bastiodon and unleashes a powerful lightning attack from behind. Bastiodon definitely feels this one, and its knees buckle for a second.

A brief look of worry flashes across Byron's face. "Use Metal Burst!" he yells. Silvery energy begins to ripple over Bastiodon's skin, moving towards his face where it forms into a ball of shining energy. Bastiodon releases the energy, and it becomes a lance of silver that strikes ChuChu in the chest and sends him flying. When he lands, he doesn't get up.

"Pikachu is unable to battle. Bastiodon wins!" The referee announces the obvious result. "Each trainer has only a single pokémon left."

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Striaton Center

A stout human in his mid 20s wearing a black and red formal outfit reminiscent of a Honchkrow is at the Center with a Haunter who seems to be somewhat peeved and a Mightyena just lying nearby.

Haunter: <Well hopefully this guy's not gonna be a pain.>

Human: "Come on, he sounds nice! And don't you think you might be prejudging a little?"

Haunter: <Eh, maybe, but considering the quality of ghosts You attract I'm not holding my breath. Though if he does wanna make the most of stuff, maybe he won't be that bad.>

Mightyena: -yawns- <Well, just gotta wait for her to show up. Did you get a description of her from the text?>

Human: "Uh..."

Haunter: <Well hopefully she shows up soon before you start asking everyone passing by if they're her.>

Human: "Hey, we got the right person eventually..."

"Oh wait, better idea!"

He reaches into a bag, pulls out a sketchpad, and writes sloppily but largely on it the word '43347Bond' that would probably be semi-visible from a distance and holds it up.

Haunter: <...>

Mightyena: <I mean, it's a better solution than what you had in mind."

Haunter: <...I suppose I can begrudgingly admit that.>

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Battle Academy

Doh: My goodness! I didn't have an exactly broad account of physical capabilities for your age group, but you even managed to surpass Miss Ludmilla!

Xavier: Ha HA!

-Xavier gives a victory flex as Nurse Doh looks through her test results.-

Doh: However, looking through your bloodwork, you appear to have some irregularities.

Xavier: ... Huh?

Doh: Well, it appears you have low sodium, as well as Vitamins C and E, and your protein intake until recently - judging by your hair sample - has been very hit or miss.

Xavier: I... yeah, okay, that makes sense.

Doh: Don't worry. I'll pass this on to the kitchen, and they'll make sure you get all the protein, sodium, citrus and peanut butter you'll need!

Xavier: Thanks, Miss Doh.

Doh: Oh, not a problem. You're actually my first real patient, so I had to run this by the head of medicine first.

Xavier: Your... first patient? Wait, then why'd you get picked for nurse duty?

Doh: Oh, it's because I'm good around blood.

Xavier: ... What?

Doh: My previous job required a lot of work around blood as well as knowledge of human anatomy. So naturally, I developed a knack for phlebotomy as well as surgeries! And by working here in the Nurse's Office, I can finally round out my medical experience.

Xavier: Oh. Okay.

-She pauses.-

Xavier: What was your old job?

-Doh gives a nervous smile.-

Doh: You don't have to worry about that! It wasn't anything that none of the other faculty haven't done!

Xavier: Oh. Okay!

-Xavier hops down from the wax-papered exam table.-

Xavier: Let's see... Peepa, who do I need to see again?

Peepa: You need to have a scholastic assessment test done by Doctor Amkoh, as well as finalize your records for your school ID for Miss Kuthmal!

Xavier: Right.

Peepa: But Doctor Amkoh's office closed an hour ago, and it appears Miss Kuthmal is, um... "indisposed".

Xavier: What does that mean?

Doh: Oh, sometimes her and Arubeg get sent up to Miss Angela, our director, for various discussions regarding her independent investigations.

Xavier: Oh, okay. I guess everyone needs a hobby.

Doh: But it is the ideal time for dinner! Okay, well, maybe a bit on the later side, but still!

Xavier: Woo! Dinnertime! I wonder if they'll let me have a burger this time!

Doh: Actually, a decent hamburger would cover almost all of the weak points in your nutritional panel.


Doh: ~Wow, she is getting REALLY excited about that!~

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Sep 20th 2022 at 7:20:21 PM

Striaton City Pokemon Center

Kim noticed the sign and started waving to the group walking towards them, as did all 22 of her Pokemon.

"Hello there!" she cried out.

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Striaton Center

The three look as the group of twenty-three approaches.

Haunter: <Well, this is sure a group.>

Human: "Oh, hey, are you 43347Bond?"

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PEFE Bunker

<We'll look into it,> Silas responded grabbing the dark gem. <I get the feeling Bishop won't let us use the dual reactor on the Wing.>

"You'd be right Captain!"

Silas pulled up a tablet and set it down, reading and mumbling some stuff about the procedure, he set the dark gem down and closed his eyes. His leku began to float as he started to channel his own aura, thin wisps of dark energy came off of the dark gem.

~I think this is where you two step in, help stabilize things,~ Hacks noted.

Indeed the wisps of dark energy weren't playing well with Silas's own aura.

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