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YMMV / The Brady Bunch S 1 E 18 Tiger Tiger

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  • Fair for Its Day: Mike not having Tiger neutered, although this hearkens from an era before over-population was a problem and dog and cat owners were expected to have their pets castrated. (Bob Barker wouldn't start urging pet owners to "Have your pets spayed or neutered" for another decade at least.) That said, the Brady patriarch did his bit of responsibility by having Tiger registered and licensed.
    • Also, it's highly unlikely that a family pet would be allowed to roam the neighborhood instead of being kept inside or in a fenced yard.
  • Technology Marches On: Most Brady Bunch episodes can be considered timeless or in the very least easily rewrite-able for today's audiences, but the technology in some episodes gives away the times (very early 1970s in this case) in which the show originally aired. For instance:
    • Many dog collars these days have GPS-type devices for owners to keep tabs on their man's best friend, something the Bradys of today could easily afford. (Then again, even if they existed in 1970, GPS equals no plot and no reason for this episode.)
    • The extensive use of payphones (all conveniently located) and a paper map in the scenes where they track down Tiger late in the episode; today, you'd expect the Brady kids to make extensive use of iPhones and the Brady van/SUV to have a navigation system, neither of which were even thought of in 1970.
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    • Mike not having Tiger neutered. See Fair for Its Day above.

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