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This is the WMG page for Erased.

If there's ever a second season, it will be revealed that Airi has a hidden power.
Something to do with the science of photography or whatever goes on in darkrooms when photos are developed. (Because she likes to take photos).

Satoru is bisexual.
The title, to start with. Bisexual erasure is a thing, and what better way to comment on it than make a show about a guy who gets erased from time and by heteronormativity?
  • It's a good way to give us a bi guy who's a main character.
  • Satoru could have a crush on Kenya during middle/high school (at least in the original timeline).
    • It's more likely that Kenya has crush on him (based on Gaiden spin-off)
  • The pun fits so well. I mean, Erased.

Manga, Anime, and Movie endings are just different endings/routes were based on Satoru's actions.

It's just like a visual novel but in different forms.


The manga and anime are considered as both good endings because Satoru had a deep relationship and understanding towards to his teacher/killer. It only truly branches when he said "I know your future!" in anime.

While the movie is the bad ending because he immediately suspects Yashiro as the killer. Satoru died because of Yashiro and failing to meet Airi in the new timeline sounds like a bad ending to me.

I can also see that exclusive backstories/flashbacks in manga are canon for adaptations too.


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