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The Council of Wacky Ideologie

While they get along very well (to a point), it is made very clear that each of them are all rather superfluous in the grand scheme of the Centricide. On-top of all of them being various flavors of Cloudcuckoolander, them being fringe-ideologies mean that they are inherently less powerful than the Centrists, Extremists and Moderates. While Posadist is the most focused on the task at hand, Anarcho-Monarchist is an incestuous ditz with delusions of grandeur, all Transhumanst talks about is upgrading to a robot dick, Anarcho-Primitivist is a technophobic brute with ludicrously out of date ideas, all Homonationalist cares about is ogling hot men and Lil Nazbol is The Friend Nobody Likes.

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