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Animation Resources is a non-profit museum in California, directed by former Spumco employee Stephen Worth. This museum serves not only to preserve many old cartoons in danger of being lost due to nitrate deterioration, but also serves as a research facility for aspiring animators and cartoonists.

In addition to the thousands of cartoons it has restored, the museum houses thousands of classic illustrations, many drawing instructional materials, and plenty of interviews with animators from The Golden Age of Animation, among other tasty treats. One of the most notable items included there is the highly regarded original version of the book ''Advanced Animation by Preston Blair", considered one of the best instructional books on animation ever published, with this ultra-rare version being out of print since the 1940snote .

It also has an online site, which hosts much of their digitally archived material, which can be viewed and studied free of charge. You can find the site here.

Also see the History of Animation articles for more info on the stuff being saved by this museum.


  • Shown Their Work: To date, the museum has saved thousands of cartoons and many other rare material from being lost forever due to the passage of time.