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Yo. Sup' I'm LightDarkHero250 and I'm usually around every day lurking the Trope pages and Forums. Whenever you're looking at a topic, remember, I am always watching.

...Yeah, I'm pretty much a freaky guy who talks like half of the time I'm trying to be smart and calculating while at other times trying to seem very immature in my manner of speech. I like any kind of media wether it be literature or online or whatever.


I'm probably not seen around much since I usually hide in the Role-Playing Forums more than anything, but I do look through every board for topics that interest me. Whether I actually post in them or not depends on how confident I'm feeling in that I won't make a shitpost. Usually, whenever I do make a post it's a shitpost.

If I type like some apathetic, empathy-lacking sociopath it's usually because I don't feel so sure about what the hell I'm posting and hoping that if I sound logical it will make people ignore that I'm just typing something someone else said with better words.

  • Aren't I supposed to secretly be you or something? VANDALIZED -Hydrall

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