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Avid reader, I probably spend as much time reading the T Vtropes for some series as I do reading the books themselves.

Not much TV watching, mostly 1 hour crime dramas (NCIS and Bones mostly), and Top Gear.

Much gaming, though I rotate through them too much to be more than a somewhat skilled casual (also because I'd rather play what I want than pander to the meta-game. Maybe I'm a Scrub, so sue me). Most recently hit up with a huge case of the feels from Katawa Shoujo.


Been getting into some animu as well, and reading the manga/L Ns for ones that I like where the manga is much further along than the anime.

Spend a lot of time stomping around on 4chan (which I think needs it's own page, and I don't think it will be a vandal magnet, or at least not enough to be a problem).

I spend a lot of time on a few forums as well. 00zau or similar is a common handle of mine, which I currently wish I could switch this one to as well.


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