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My sense of humor
Hey there, it's Skye! You might have seen me on other websites, or even my own website, but I doubt it. To be specific, you can find me on Youtube as White Chedda Lewis, Kongregate and TCRF as White Chedda Pichu, Steam as Victini and Duck, and Patreon as White Chedda Skye.

I probably read the wiki more than I'll edit it, but I seem to enjoy fixing red links and grammar issues, and putting Trivia and YMMV in the right place. You probably won't be finding me on the forums much; I don't like forums. Except Games. And the Nightmare Fuel Cleanup. But that's it!

I also created a page for Sally.exe Continued Nightmare: Eye of Three.

The Tropes of Cheddar Pika

    General I guess 
  • Name: Skye
  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Female
  • Place: USA
  • Race: Black
  • Favorite Cheese: White Cheddar
  • Least Favorite Cheese: Pepper Jack
    My Avatars 
1.Owo Pikachu

2.The Kirby Model from Super Smash Bros. 1. The game had a low budget so some of the models look, well, low budget. I love Kirby's because he is an octagon.

3.Dream Prince Corrin from Fire Emblem Heroes, who I put over a picture of cotton candy. He's also known as Kamui. So I could make the pun, Cotton Kamui.

4.An OC I made for an obscure webcomic called Spaicy. She's a flower deer who I named Lana.

5.A fanmade model for what is seemingly Porygon 2 from the Pokemon Gold Demo.

6.A dramatization of that thinking emoji from Discord that's really popular for some reason.

7.THE JOHTO BOI. A sprite mashup I made for fun.

8.A Sprite scene I made. Ray.exe is about to likely murder Ray.

9.One of my oldest characters, Shimmon, on a bad day. A pixel art I made on a bad day.

10.A character I made called Bun, who mostly shows up in vent art. Here he's floating in one of my trademark night skies.

11,12,13.Some drawings of Tails I made to practice expressions. 11 is an inside joke between me and my friends in which Tails is a grape. 12 is an interested expression. 13 is Tails.exe.

14.A still from an episode of One Piece adapting Charlotte Linlin's backstory, that I think is funny without the context.

15,16,17. An edited sprite of Corrin from Fire Emblem Heroes. I added dragon parts to him. 15 is transparent. 16 has the bisexual flag in the background. 17 is a background and gradient I made up just to look pretty.

18.An owl that was shared to me by Keiron Cioran.

19,20.Kaden and Keaton from Fire Emblem Heroes.

21.The only piece of official art I could find with both of them in it.

22.It's basically ship art. Pixel art icons by Amphany on Deviantart, except the heart, I made that. Was very hard to make into an icon.

23.Square Kirb, the new best Kirbo, he is perfect.

24.Shaymin, one of my fave Pokemon!

25.Another sprite edit, of Starly, Swellow, Archeops, and Hoothoot.

26.Dawnivine, inspired by a certain blog that does crazy Pokemon edits.


28.A cryptic picture of my Male Meowstic plush

29.Surprised Eggman, the new Surprised Pikachu

30.Wii Fit Trainer's very pissed reaction to Joker's Eiha

31.A Photoshop edit I made. It says "Dr. Mario Cures The Disease Of Life". Also based on Dr. Mario's really pissed reaction to Joker's Eiha.

32.Another Photoshop edit I made by request of a friend.

33.I got this from one of those "personals edits" blogs and edited it to be an icon.

34.Something I made while playing around in Adobe Photoshop.

35.Selkie, Thread of Gold Cipher card.

36.Marill but in clipart style that I made.

37.Dr. Marth after he learned medicine from Dr. Mario.

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Tropes I think should be on a page but I can't actually put them because it breaks the rules...

Black and White Morality: Most of Tumblr's userbase

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    Graphic Novel 
(There should be more, but I can't remember them all.)

(Again, probably more, but I have a bad memory.)


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