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Hello all. I am from San Diego, California, USA. I am a fan of the Nippon Animation anime Alice in Wonderland. I am by the way a huge fan of Cardcaptors (yes that's right I like the so called butchered dub way better). I am also a fan of Revolutionary Girl Utena and of the anime version of Kaitou Saint Tail. I like the anime Rozen Maiden alot as well. I like both the book version and the film version of Kamikaze Girls.

My favorite anime: Princess Tutu

My favorite manga: Azumanga Daioh

My favorite video game: Super Mario Bros 2

I really like the third Darkstalkers game. As my name implies I also like Tail Concerto. Oh and I like the Phoenix Wright games.

I know alot about Alice that some don't. When did she go to Wonderland? May 4th. See chapter 6 and chapter 7 of the Lewis Carroll book. No idea on the year however. Do you know the name of Alice's sister? She has no given name in the book or Disney animated movie but is named Celia in the anime. Word of God said the book Alice's surname is Pleasance.