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  • Name: Ruin Takada
  • Age: 'A reasonable one'
  • Sex: Unknown
  • Occupation: Fan Fiction writer, Beta-reader, part-time Troper
  • History: Ever since December 2007, Ruin Takada, then known as 'Kurai Seken', became an author on the infamous fanfiction website, where schle begun schler career writing Fan Fics on DN Angel. Eventually growing out of this fandom, and with the discovery of manga series Death Note, schle debuted with ultimately failed and currently dead Fan Fic Like Light to the Flies. The reason for its failure is ultimately unknown, but hinted to be for schler then-poor writing skill.

From that moment, after a serious re-evaluation and developement of writing skill, and a now-dormant fic based on Brit Soap Opera Hollyoaks Dramatic Irony, Ruin Takada struck back with Sugar High L, published in November of 2009, and Beyond the Promise of Strawberries, published in March of 2010. These fics won back schler audience after schler past failures, including the first, failed version of the well-known Death Note and [[House,M.D House, M.D]] fic, Art of Subconscious Illusion, shortened by Ruin Takada as 'Ao SI'.

The Art of Subconscious Illusion Era
The Death Note and House, M.D crossover fic Art of Subconscious Illusion, first published in July of 2009, was first written as a 'What If' fic to explain main character Light Yagami's mental disorders without the prescence of [1] the Death Note. Intially popular, Ruin Takada never found full satisfaction with it. As part of a bid to relieve boredom, schle set up a competition in which the reader had to guess the pattern used to name the chapter titles. With the success of now-untraceable Fan Fic author Immortal Strawberries, the fic Beyond the Promise of Strawberries was born, created from Immortal Strawberries' commission to Ruin Takada.

After a long re-evaluation of where schle was going with the fic, Ao SI was eventually rewritten and editted, leading eventually to the now-ongoing fic The Art of Subconscious Illusion: Rewritten, often shortened to 'Ao SI:R'. With the plot more or less fully-formed, Ruin Takada is expected to finish this fic, with the chapter count expected to reach between 12 and 15 (and no more), and a sequel is fully expected to succeed it.


Style and Other Personality Traits
Noted for schler exclusive use of third person narrative, schle is famous for the ability to over-complicate and read into the symbolism of schler chosen fandom. As a result, the plots of schler fics can be complex and schler writing is very narrative driven, and heavily relying on symbolism, metaphors, and in-universe mythology (both true and fictional) found in the chosen fandom.

A possible OCD sufferer, and most definitely neurotic in any case, Ruin Takada is noted for schler ability to write long profile pages and make lists of most anything and everything schle finds relevant to mention, from favourite manga to a suggested list of actors suitable for the prophecised Death Note Live Action film (U.S version). What is more, schle is a big supporter of anonymity on the internet, never disclosing schler real name, sex, gender of even age, although it has been noted that schle is 'decidedly masculine'. To reflect this, schle, as a Beta-reader, often calls schlerself 'Taka-lad'. A rampant procrastinator, schle often blames this on schler work and commitments at 'the Instituion', leading readers to believe that schle is either an employee at an institution that schle does not wish to name, or schle is at an Institute of Education, making schler a student.


Beyond the world of Fan Fiction, manga and anime, schle is interested in learning foreign languages (that is, languages other than English), Sociology (and developing schler own sociological theories), and music, particularly that of an alternate persuation.

The Name
Schler first name, Kurai Seken (coming from the Japanese 'Kurai', meaning 'dark, gloomy', and 'Seken', meaning 'world, society'), was always written without the obligatory space between the first and last name. The breaking of this rule would often lead to the pressing of schler Beserk Button. During December 2009, in honour of schler 2nd anniversary as a user, schle held a competition where schle gave a list of possible new names that readers would then choose for schler. By 22nd December (wrongly perceived by Ruin Takada as the anniversary date, when this is actually the 12th of December), schle finally ended the competition with the name 'Ruin Takada'.

The first name, Ruin, came from an English word that would either represent schler ability to destroy, or schler self-perception. Takada was chosen as it is a relatively common Japanese surname, and not - as mistakenly believed - to be borrowed from Death Note minor character Kiyomi Takada. The choosing of Takada is noted as being because of the kanji. The 'Taka' means 'high, tall, expensive', and the 'da' (coming from 'ta', meaning rice field) can be interpreted as to do with power over sustenance, due to the necessity of rice in Japanese culture and diet (compare with kanji for 'otoko', literally meaning 'power in the field'). The result is 'high power', 'powerful', meant as a cruelly ironic opposition to 'Ruin', as a cruel joke at schler own expense.

While this penname is often read as the author's wishes to doom Kiyomi, this is actually (and blatantly) not the case.

Track Record
Ruin Takada has written Fan Fictions which include the fandoms DN Angel, Death Note, Legal Drug, [[Hollyoaks Hollyoaks]], [[Twilight Twilight]], and [[House,M.D House, M.D]]. An up-and-coming fic is expected to use the House of Night fandom. A few of Ruin Takada's most noted fics are:

All this and more can be found at Ruin Takada's profile page on here.


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