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Nothing much to see here. Just your every day computer programmer/amateur graphic artist/amateur game designer/long-time gamer. Probably no different from most of the other folks here.

Probably my one claim to fame on this site will be that I was on the design team for the fan-based expansions to the Highlander CCG after the real game went under. So I have a more detailed knowledge of the franchise and universe than many. Indeed, quite possibly more than most people would want. ;)


I also have a nearly complete collection of books by Jack L. Chalker and Glen Cook.

Tropes I have launched:

Made Of Win nominations (just so I don't lose them as the archive rolls over, not that I expect to receive many):

Master TMO: One Made of Win to the entire TV Tropes site, for crashing right as I clicked on the Unwinnable By Design link.
  • Apparently my comment came across as complaining or being a jerk and got deleted. It was not meant that way. I thought it was funny/ironic that the site chose that moment to crash. Certainly not worth complaining over. Site crashes happen. Timing like that doesn't always. :)
T-Jack: It was certainly not ironic. </nitpick>
  • Master TMO: * twitch* Somehow posting this has gone from a light-hearted fun thing to something akin to presenting my thesis before a hostile review board.
  • Doug S Machina: Attempting to be lighthearted and getting slammed? You can't win.
    • Master TMO: Unwinnable By Design here too, eh? Ah well, such is life. At least I didn't spend $50 buying a new copy of this site from the store. ;)

Lady Norbert: I'd like to nominate Master TMO for a Made of Win based on his responses throughout the above exchange.

  • Master TMO: I cheerfully and happily accept this MOW statue .... they mispelled my name on the plaque. Figures. :)


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