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The Adventures of Amnesiac Steve is my friend-oriented text adventure, whoo. Actually female.

Lurked since 2010, finally decided to learn how to edit as of February 2012.

Likely to edit for Anime & Manga, and some Freeware Games, especially Tales Of The Drunken Paladin. Being a teenager, I haven't read enough comparatively obscure books (might edit some Vonnegut-related pages). Rather behind on films and general live action shows. Don't read western comic books, but if I start it'll be Sandman.


I'll try to keep some of the Fanfic Recommendations in line.

If you decide to warn me about my Entry Pimping, feel free.

Current wiki projects: Move pages from Main namespace to Webcomic namespace on Fantasy Webcomics. Remove nearly all uses of Better Than It Sounds.


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