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Troper from SEA here, lurked for about three years or so before deciding to move up to contributor, and now it's been four years since first signing up. I tend to hang around anime and video game works and related trope example entries, sometimes descriptions and images unless I'm beat to it, and the stuff I work on is on a by-seasonal-interest basis. I've started up a few pages myself, but don't find them worth listing.


(Currently less than active for life reasons! Once things loosen up I'll go back to my usual haunts.)

For troper typing:

  • On the TABLE, I'm with PLATTER, TONGS and WHISK.
  • On the war between Lumper and Splitter, I'm a bit in between, with a Lumper mentality, but given the ever-growing variety of tropes I do my best to find where splits can be made.
  • Other labels I plaster upon my person are Wiki Feng Shui Master, Advertiser (which really comes with being into anime; the crowds come and go), a bit of TLP Midwife and uh, Editor.

On the TLP I like to dig down the list to contribute and bump entries in one go, because who's going to work on it if it sinks under the sands of time and simply remains, lonely and forgotten? So, productive bump-shuffling. Bad timing kills more productivity than it has any right to.


For similar reasons, if you happen to frequent the same pages I do, you'll see that my edit reports come out long. I try to do everything in one go, because I think I don't like my name popping up too much on the history. I mean serial tweaking is fine but when you add an example and then come back and add another example, and then another... I like to tone down my degree of fixation, thanks.

If you're curious, my handle is a Line-of-Sight Name: Kiwi fruits were the last snack I had before sign-up, and one of the captcha words was "maxim".