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Describe this Nutjob here. (Cough)

Well, It's my page, I may as well do it.

I am James Lee Mc Kigney, A Weirdo just like you. (Well, depending on your definition of Normal.) I do let's plays(Even Though I keep Schedule Slipping because of Short Attention Span) Inspired by Roahm Mythril and Stuart Ashen , I started with an unboxing of the Buffalo Famicom USB Controller and I worked my way to where I am now. Average, Around 1,000 views per video, tend to get distracted here and there, Projects yet to be finished, Life getting in the way.


But I digress. Yes, I do use Emulators but I refuse to emulate a Modern System. GBA is considered Safe. Sixth Generation Consoles are safe. Anything older and yeah, I'll see what I can do. Once I got into a bitter spat with a family member about the legalities of recording Arcade games from different regions, causing me to go offline and weep in the corner for some time until I told everyone what I think about the whole issue. I buy Video Games, I love the game worlds, I tend to make up fan fiction in my head about various factors with various characters.

But one thing will remain clear: I shall not monetize my works when it comes to gaming and media. I'll just say that right out, Emulation is a dangerous subject and it will cause people to call each other vulgar names and head to each other locations to pick a schoolyard scrap with one another. Also, the content created by the various companies are still their properties. I buy games all the time, I wish I could support them further but what are you going to do?


Even though I have Autism, Asperger's and ADHD, I am still a nice person on the net. In fact, I get out of the net to cool off if there are things that make me uncomfortable. I am an adult and therefore I must behave as one. But for now, it's time for me to learn how to add links and tropes to this page. I will be seeing you soon.


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