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JDubya, or J.W. Yearsley.

A programmer in Utah (I refuse to use 'from' for various reasons).

I keep reading this site because it's like reading many, many conversations I've had with people.

From reading, I am now terrified of fangirls. The few I've met since do not help; they are cute but vicious.

I love all things Final Fantasy, particularly Kingdom Hearts.

  • I suppose I should note that I like all the main-series entries I've played, which is 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-2 (damn, that's weird to write), and 12's story, and now 13. Liked Tactics, too, before my disc committed suicide (update... got the PSP version. 'Course now I need free time to play it...).
    • XII just contains far too much Level Grinding and Randomly Drops, which really interfered with the story. The story itself was really good, though.

I also love to read, and have devoured more than a few books, particularly fantasy, although I've noticed there's more than a few people on here who are pretty snarky about just about any fantasy, apparently because they're big fans of A Song Of Ice And Fire, which I was unimpressed by. The Sword Of Truth has a lot of potential... shame about the Author On Board. And I still love The Wheel Of Time.

I used to know a very large amount about Star Wars, before the Expanded Universe got far too unwieldy. Loved Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel, though.

TV Tropes *WILL* ruin your vocabulary, as this page will attest. It will also give you more media to hunt down (my CD collection thanks Crowning Music Of Awesome; my wallet curses it).

Personal variances: That One Boss:

  • Final Fantasy X: Kicked Seymour Flux's pretty-boy butt off Mount Gagazet easily, but got beat down hard by the Yunalesca's little zombie-Medusa thing.
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  • Final Fantasy XII: Judge Ghis is a Wake-Up Call Boss for the entire game - it shows just how !@#!@# hard the game is going to be, and that you should have been level grinding a looooong time ago.
  • Final Fantasy XIII: Barthandelus. Also includes a large amount of Yikes!
  • Kingdom Hearts: Ursula. Riku-Ansem's a big challenge, but it's supposed to be - that one was tough but in a good way. Ursula's just cheap (spams attacks and is immune to attacks at random times).
  • Kingdom Hearts II: Ran over Demyx like a freight train, but Xaldin was one of two times Mickey had to come save me.

Some favorite pages, for whatever reason:

  • Evil Is Not a Toy - 'cause it's the way evil should be.
  • Good Hair, Evil Hair - because it's so very, very true.
  • Playing Tennis with the Boss - because it's a humorously well-named trope that accurately describes a recurring video game occurrence. Also because the descriptions on the page are hilarious.
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  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience - the complete guide to picking out the bad guys and good guys before anything is said or done.
  • Useful Notes On Christianity - surprisingly respectful and decently comprehensive. And I love the line about understanding the Trinity.
    • Which promptly got et by the wiki at some undisclosed point. For posterity, it was explaining that humans trying to comprehend the Trinity is like jellyfish trying to comprehend Fermat's Last Theorem.


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