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Hello everybody! I am inuyasharules31. I am 24 years old, a nerd and proud of it and I have high functioning Autism. I believe that I was diagnosed with it when I was in kindergarten. I'm not sure about the exact age, but if I were to guess, then it would have to be when I was five.

First off, I've been using the name inuyasharules31 for as long as I can remember. It's pretty much my identity online for all of my other accounts other than my Facebook account. I got the idea for the name from my sister when I created my first Youtube account back in 2008. Here are the things that interest me:


I enjoy Video Games of all kinds except for sports games or video games that just don't have very good reviews by both top reviewers or from the general audience. I don't know why, I've just never gotten any thrill of playing sports games. I am more of a old school gamer than a next gen gamer. If I remember correctly, it started with the PS 3 and the DS when I started to fall behind and I began not to care about getting the next game console immediately. Eventually, I did a PS 3 and a Wii but I have yet to get a PS 4 or a Wii U, but as far as I'm concerned, I see no reason to get one. It's just that the library for those consoles are bad. The PS 4 doesn't have many interesting games and the Wii U has almost no third party games whatsoever.

I'm a bit of a Tech person, but I'm not that much of one. I spend a lot of time a computer but I don't care all that much about technology.


I enjoy a good number of novels for all ages and fan works especially if they have intriguing plots to them. A real reason that I like stories is because I myself am a bit of a writer. An amateur writer of course, but I am hoping to get much better. I am also quite interested in Mekko Rarekko and even through it's a R-18 work, it has a very good plot to it. I am also the one who launched the page. Before I had seen Mekko Rarekko under the Porn with Plot page, albeit was only mentioned and there wasn't a page for it. Not long after the sixth chapter was released, I decided to finally create a page for it. It didn't work out too well at first because shortly after I created a Tv Tropes account and I didn't really know much about what I did and I erased another page to create it, leading to my first and hopefully only suspension. It's the first page that I have launched.


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