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"My back hurts and you all are weird."

    Fake Profile 
Hi, I'm notGIG. I'm new here and mostly joined for Mythril Aces Gaiden. Which is an awesome game you should totally join. I mostly stick around to provide the thread angst and the ill-remembered character.

It took me several months to write a Troper page and even then I halfassed it until someone else wrote the whole damn thing for me, because I am lazy. My hobbies mostly invovle having a cool avatar, angsting about my poor neglected character [Don't ever rely on friends for bail T.T] and not writing this damn page.

Anyway, enjoy.

Actually GIG: Wait a sec...

Disregard any of the above, because I'm the real GIG.

Anyway, I'm a twenty one year old guy. I enjoy reading, gaming, exercising, and writing to pass the time, and would like to be a radio host for one of stations up back home in the future.

Warning!: I tend to have fits of self-loathing occasionally.


Assorted Vandalism:

It is later-Regards, Faux.

  • I am indeed extremely happy.-Regards, Faux.


Kara wouldn't stand for such procrastination! ~ Satinel

Soul Nomad And The World Eaters was the first Nippon Ichi game that I ever played. Cheers! - Beary Scary

The time has come for you to pay for your crimes, GIG. FIRE ALL CANNONS!

  • Fire Vandalism Cannons x6 (Penalties: | Bonuses: ) [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] -Hydrall

I remember you! You're that Kiera person, who's obsessed with fire and sex! -RenaTheArchmage