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I have become somewhat obsessed with TV Tropes... I've even started to dream in Tropes. I'm usually just an enthusiastic Wiki lurker, but the awesomeness of the Tropes has inspired me to step forward and contribute my knowledge where'er it's needed.

I hail from the mystical realm of Under Your Bed, where I spend my days teaching young children to swear in different languages. My hobbies include violence, gratuitous sex, petty theft and cosplay.


My idea of the perfect date is margaritas, tortilla chips, Resident Evil 4 and fornicating on a shag carpet.

I own every season of Buffy on DVD; watched the half of the first season of Angel before putting those DVDs in the microwave and watching them make pretty, pretty sparks; have most Tim Burton films on DVD, but do not consider myself a fanatic; own far more anime than any normal homosexual male should; have read every single Star Wars expanded universe book, even though everything after the Yuuzahn Vong belonged in the Suck-It Bucket; have finally gotten into wasting my money on American comic books after years of admiring and studying the mythology (Mmmmm... X-Men ^_^); still enjoy manga every once and a while; love going to Movie Trading Company and Entertainmart to pick up crazy new movies I've never seen and selling back the ones that blew so hard I vomited; and once exhibited the power to control the wind, and have been trying to figure out quite how I did it ever since.



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