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I was pushed out of my mother's abdomen on 11/18/95, quite late at night IIRC. Yes, right now, on what is technically 11/12/09, I am 13. Most people assumed I was 18+ when I first started posting things online because of my relatively intelligent-looking contributions to various sites... Until they Googled me and found various forum profiles with 1,000+ posts of "OLOLOLOLOLOL". However, I choose to give my real age now as in the past I have gotten requests for dating advice, among other, more adult things. Oh, and I'm male, of course.


I'd heard about TV Tropes for a while through xkcd, Reddit, and friends. I glanced in here once or twice to remind myself of what they were talking about, but didn't get addicted until I checked back a few days ago and spent an entire day doing nothing but clicking internal links. So here I am.

Here's an ever-growing list of things I enjoy so you know what not to make fun of in front of me. :P Probably with broken links, but I don't care. (Read: I really care.) Also cartoons.



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