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PAGE IN PROGRESS Dude, I have a page! ...Oh, yeah! I should introduce myself! I am Nichole, or on here, Crazed Otaku! I'm a bit quirky, but I hope to aid the community! Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. My Pages 3. More Shiz About Me 4. Tropes That Apply to Me 5. My Favorite Tropes

1. Introduction

As I've already said, I'm Crazed Otaku! If you can't already tell, I'm an otaku. I've browsed this site for quite a few months, but just recently joined. My real name's Nichole, but call me whatever! This is probably the shortest part of this page, so moving on!


2. My Pages Tsuga Senshi Mizuki- My brainchild! Well, this one

There will be more!

3. More Shiz About Me

Likes: anime, Internet, cosplay, reading, metal, manga, video games Dislikes: reality (mostly), most new cartoons, douchebags Favorite Genre of Anime: I... haven't really decided on that yet. Favorite Genre of Game: Erm... I'm not sure... My dA Page

4. Tropes

Or Is It: I tend to use varying forms of this trope to screw with people's heads.


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