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So, I guess I'm supposed to talk about myself or something now?

Well, I'm a 19 year old Lesbian Transwoman. I'm also the founder and high priestess of the Church of Fabulous~

As I like to say, I'm the most Fabulous trans Southern Belle this side of the Savannah River~ :3

I'm an actress, a writer, and a therapist for all of my friends~ My PM box is always open~

And on a more serious note, I'm afraid as of late, I have had serious problems with finances. Please, if you would like to help, i have a youcaring page that can be accessed via my sig in the forums.



  • Helped lead my acting troupe to three All-Star cast member awards at my first Drama competition~

  • Completed Na No Wri Mo

  • Built a full-sized boat out of cardboard and duct tape. I was the only one to stay dry.

  • Managed to be the only one in my AP Physics class to pass the final exam.

  • Graduated High School a year early~

  • Entering College as a Sophomore~

    Tropes that apply to me 

  • Genki Girl: I'm quite eccentric and effervescent, and people have told me I'm WAY TOO HYPER, especially in the morning.

  • Southern Belle: Alas, I was born a century late. And in the male body. :P

  • Performance Artist: I'm an actress, overly flamboyant, and still in the closet, so this is most people's interpretation of me.

For vandalisms, etc, check out my wall Here~