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Crowning Moments of Awesome and other fun facts about ch00bs

  • ch00bs is generally awesome, although I guess the act of "generally being" violates the word "moment"
  • ch00bs once built a freeze ray and froze the local super hero in order to ascend to supervillainy
  • ch00bs can eat a burrito all the way to the bottom without spilling
  • ch00bs is probably a 10 year old girl
  • ch00bs has met Felicia Day and Neil Gaiman
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  • ch00bs got Michael Hogan to say "arrrrrrr"
  • ch00bs flew too close to the sun once and melted like a boss
  • ch00bs shitposts on twitter about software and writing
  • Everyone is madly in love with ch00bs no exceptions

    Works I dig 
Here is a list of things I like split up into tiers instead of type because why the hell not.

Also I am prone to forgetfulness so I probably haven't listed half the things I like.

Adoration - aka stuff that gets my heart all a flutter

Super dope - aka pretty cool stuff that i also love

Pretty cool - aka everything else that is also good times

    Works I've done 
A list of things that I've had a hand in. I am too lazy to explain everything now though.

Game Jam games

Short stories


Indie Games

    Caveats and Conundrums 
sometimes i like to type without any capitalization or punctuation

Sometimes I feel like the opposite.

Most of the time I am being sarcastic.

If there's one thing I am, it's inconsistent


Feel free to vandalize/edit any portion of this page, though before you do, ask yourself this: is it vandalism if you have permission..............?

  • Here's a better question: Is it vandalism if you did so before you learned you had permission? - Spirit
    • That's a terrible question and you should feel terrible for asking it.
  • Who's awesome? You're awesome. —Litis
  • (Füschlatz runs towards you at 800km/hnote  and glomps you without slowing down.)
  • I came, I saw, I tainted your page with my scribbles. Don't worry, it's washable, you know. - whataboutme
  • Be vandalized, quoth Crimson. And it was done. -Crimson Zephyr
  • If you're a 10 year old girl, how are you such an expert on the software industry? -Jimmy T Malice
    • I know you are but what am I???????????
  • I'm here from Recent Edits. - Chrissie Mc Napkins

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