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blutolpinxe (please don't capitalize it unless you absolutely need to) is an arrogant trans girl (not "transgirl"), on-and-off lojbanist, neophyte programmer and possibly transhumanist with way too many pseudonyms (the main ones are blutolpinxe, trillioneyes, and Tendrils. Only the last one should ever be capitalized.) Please excuse typos; her small, spiderlike body clumsy fingers is not suited to your human keyboards.

My main purpose here is to help with the Achron page. In addition to doing a couple edits, I created the wild mass guessing and troper tales pages and Entry Pimped it a bit. My eventual wiki plans (which may not be carried out, because I'm really lazy) include a page for Neptune's Pride (a game similar to Diplomacy) and possibly Trans Girl Diaries (a webcomic). My programming plans (which are much more likely to be finished started) include an RPG that randomly generates a set of rules and (if I can manage it) a story when you click "new game" (think Dwarf Fortress worldgen) and a Real-Time Strategy that solves the problem of macro vs. micro by having players control human commanders (heavily inspired by Allegiance) instead of units. (These lesser commanders can switch sides and control either other commanders or units.)