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Hi. I go here by Avirena. I learned to read when I was three, and since then, I've enjoyed all kinds of fiction. The fictional work that has had the biggest influence on me is very likely Harry Potter, the books I grew up with, and which I can talk about for hours, and not talk about without getting even a tiny bit sentimental. Recently, I've been into Skins, Mad Men, Game Of Thrones, and a particular The Sims 2 story named Strangetown Here We Come, for which I started a page for.

In addition to fictional stories and rambling about them, I enjoy good music, long walks, travelling (especially on trains), wearing pretty dresses (and other pretty clothes), coffee and meeting new, interesting people. I also write (original fiction - fan fiction has never been my cup of tea) and my username comes from a character I created when I was younger.