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This Troper has gone through the cycle. Tvtropes Will Ruin Your Life to Tvtropes Will Enhance Your Life, with a healthy case of Tvtropes As A Gateway Drug.

This American troper started watching anime with Toonami and since its cancellation needed a new way to find out what to watch. After several years of watching series on youtube on a whim I eventually came upon TV Tropes. A magical place to find interesting things to watch and learn about devices used throughout media. I had hit the media intelligence equivalent of the History Channel. However, due to thistroper being latetotheparty he hasn't been able to be involved in past tropetastic series.


This Troper tends to make minor edits to both manga and anime series, adding the tropes that are unlisted and making sure what is already on the page will make sense to readers. He enjoys many different genre of work. He is also an overly enthusiastic Yuri Fanboy, who sees it everywhere due to his Yuri Goggles.


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