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The proud emblem of my glorious VIOLENT apathy!

Ariamaki Risenki here, under his new hame: Lost the password for the old one, so away we go on the new train!

22 year old Masseur in training, currently working on Pen-and-Paper games development in his spare time with friends. General geek of every spread, although quite bad at math. He loves the ellipses and em-dash, using them more often then any non-period punctuation, and he firmly believes in not twisting pronunciation— Forte as in skill is pronounced like Fort as in building, people!


Proud member of KNIVES- As far as I am concerned, it is and always will be Good Is Dumb, and disagreement will be met with stabbing. Repeated, Raye-level stabbbing.

Considering the relative merits of Poke!Tau and REASONABLE MARINES at the moment.


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