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Real Name: Unknown

Alias: Anomaly188

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Given Location: Hell Ed Note: Actual Location is State of Indiana

Hobbies: Writing, Tv Tropes, Roleplaying, Video Games, Comedy

Interests: Noir, Cyberpunk, Football, Psychology

Misc. Information: Subject is known among friends as of very sarcastic and cynical temperment and personality. Is known to insult people for almost any reason. Use caution.


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So someone is actually looking at this page eh? Bet they're very unimpressed at how unoriginal I am. Anyway, I'm Anomaly188, relative unknown on TV Tropes since I just browse the site for my own amusement. I don't do much in terms of editing or trope naming because I'm too lazy. My biggest area of knowledge is video games; which I have been playing as long as I can remember. I'm usually the go to guy among my friends for feedback on what games to buy, rent, or burn in a fire in addition to information about emulation. My favorite game of all time is Deus Ex because I owned the PS 2 port (sue me,) and beat it over 100 times. Despite that fact I never got bored of it because it was made to allow for any playstyle and the narrative kept me engaged to the end. Beyond that my tastes vary.


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