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Hello there! I'm Android_Chaos, a new guy here in TV I'm a 27 year-old Mexican who found this wiki by chance one fine day and have since then become a regular visitor for the site. For the most part, I'm just getting started as a troper, so take it easy on me if I make mistakes when correcting or adding facts that some people tend to miss or forget. I'm still getting my bearings in this, but I feel that I can contribute if given the chance. If there's something in my findings in which you don't agree about, offer some evidence in a civil manner, share your info and don't be an ass about it. Otherwise I may ignore it and promptly delete it if need be.

For the most part, I like video games, some anime-manga, music and books too. I may not have a broad knowledge as some people, but I do my best to provide little nuggets of information that help enrich the applied tropes on series that I know of well enough not to end up looking like a fool. :P I'm still fine-tuning my applications to write wiki words, tropes and spoliers with my first description of the Shinobi games, but with some practice I can be as good as any of the contributors here.

Videogames that I like and know some stuff about:

Anime/manga series held in the same regard as the previous category: