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Okay... about me... Hm... I found out TV Tropes on a forum for Artix entertainment games. I loved it right away. I plan on writing some time in the future. How near that future is, I don't know. I've created a few characters, and I tend to use them in almost all of my roleplaying. I intend to put them in my writing as well. I love reading, and my favourite genres are pretty much any fiction novel. I read TV Tropes, but I don't really add or edit pages. More will be posted on this page once I learn how to edit stuff...


Actually lol, I will probably never learn how to edit things, and though my bio can easily be changed, I'm going to keep this artifact here. Also. I am female. To those who love to say that every Troper is a "white privileged male" or misogynist, allow me to inform you that your generalizations are false, and depending on who you are and what context you are saying these things, offensive as well.


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