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So, this is what my page looks like... huh. It's more (um... what would a good word be? Bare? Spartan? Empty?) spartan than I expected (though upon further reflection, that's all my fault isn't it?). Hmmm... I guess I should probably get to telling you (whoever you are), about myself (that is the point of this page after all, isn't it?).

I'm currently a university student in my third year of education who watches way too much British television (as evidenced by my usage of the term "university student" despite the fact that the closest I've ever gotten to visiting the UK was a weekend trip to Canada), and plays more video games than his grades would deem wise. What kind of video games (you hypothetically ask)? Most anything (as long as it's good...), but predominantly RPG's, especially those of the Bio Ware and Obsidian folks, a blame which can be placed firmly upon my grandparents' shoulders, because they decided to give me a copy of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for my ninth birthday with the (admitedly sound) logic of "He's a kid, it's Star Wars, why wouldn't he like it?"


Also (like any self-respecting nerd), I adore movies. Like most everyone (I assume), my list of top films changes on an hourly basis, but as of this moment my top ten is...

In order to cover the rest of the basic pop-cultural spectrum (which I have been raised to believe is of the utmost importance), I'll tell you that my favourite TV shows are The Legend Of Korra, Sherlock, and Arrow. Books for me are Harry Potter (because feels!), The Dresden Files (because awesome!), and The True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle (because "why not"!). My music tastes tend to run towards the softer side of metal, but my Pandora account is more than enough evidence for my musical ecclecticness (is that a word? I'm saying it's a word). And that whenever I've skiving off schoolwork yet not playing video games (not as rare as one might think, I do have to walk to and from class after all), I'm reading Fan Fic off of my phone. So much of fanfic. As in, I wasn't even aware this much fanfic existed before I started reading it.


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