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Hello people of all shapes, sizes, colors, races, religions, and species! I am the terror that flaps in the night]. I am the batteries that aren't included. I am the one, the only, the all-knowing, the oddly-named, the impressively amazing, AGENTGOLDFISH~! I am known by many names, Agent Goldfish, Agent, Goldfish, Goldy, AG, Godly, and... that's pretty much it. I could be described as "Level headed for my age, as well as "random." Persistent.", "Nuts.", "Just dis guy, yah know?", "One nutty-ass motherfucker", and "crazy, fun, random... No wait, that's Daisy." I completely agree to all these statements. I am indefinitely the biggest fan of Phineas And Ferb at such a level that I have made replicas of two items from the show: Candace's Mom Suit and Irving's scrapbook. I am a regular in the Phineas And Ferb Wiki IRC and an administrator of the wiki's fanfiction affiliate, PF Fanon. I do write a bit myself, most notably Dan Vs New Mexico: The Musical, Adventure Time with Phin & Ferb, A Nice Dose of Crack, and Dan Vs Sponge Bob Square Pants, all of which can be found on my account of the same name, Agent Goldfish. My artowrk can be found on my deviantART account, DarkSkull12. I am a pretty good songwriter, I've written many of the songs for The Adventures Of Irving And Friends. Other than that, happy editing, fellow Tropers!



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