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"Hawo!" to anyone who bothered to come around searching for my usually unnoticed existence.

A Little Bit Of The Earth is Exactly What It Says on the Tin, a human, a little bit of a wide world, who lives in and around the Internet extensively but never really has revealed one's identity or held a conversation with anyone unknown yet, despite the troper's in-person persona being a Motor Mouth. The troper hopes to change that though.


This troper is genuinely sorry that the page might seem eerily desolate since this troper was earlier actually I Like Nike Shoes before foolishly forgetting the password.

Even though I'm not(Yes, I'm back to using personal pronouns) a frequent editor, I've personally done a little work that I'm proud of earlier, but can't recall now. As for anything I feel I contributed lately, I'm happy about being able to improve the Character Sheet for Honey And Clover, in terms of adding pictures and the like. It's also a personal favourite.


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