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Trivia / The Freshman
aka: The Freshman 1925

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The Film

The Visual Novel

  • Cash Cow Franchise: Far and away the most popular of the original three books, it remains the longest-running series in Choices history. Freshman alone has 4 books, 3 premium specials (a date with either Chris, Kaitlyn or James), 2 Halloween specials, and 1 Valentine special. The series was so profitable for Pixelberry that they decided to follow the Hartfeld gang through their entire college lives, releasing sequel series The Sophomore, The Junior, and The Senior.
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  • I Knew It!: Many fans felt that Nathan Sterling being the person who crashed Tyler's car was too predictable because he, Beau, and Kassidy immediately befriended Tyler and paid for his medical bills after the car crash, which raised a red flag.
  • What Could Have Been: When The Junior was first released, there was a Book 1 next to it, implying that it was intended to span more than one book.

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