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  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: Bear VS. Gator suffers from this a lot; the largest average American black bear is 250 kilograms (551 lbs). Adult American alligators weigh, at most, 453 kilograms (999 lbs). Even as strong as the bear is, it's unlikely it'd be able to bowl over the much heavier alligator without the alligator biting back and pulling the bear with it. The bear also has the alligator's stronger bite to worry about, too; alligators have a bite strength of 9,425 newtons (or 2,125 lbs per square inch). Alligators are also not extremely vulnerable on land; in fact, they can run at 12-14 km/h for short periods; and Australian freshwater crocodiles have been recorded galloping at 17 km/h. Ambushing saltwater crocodiles can reach 12 metres a second for bursts in an ambush, which is faster than prey a body's length away from the animal can even react to (ironically, Lion VS. Crocodile got this right, but not this episode). And an alligator would never pursue a bear onto land, even if it was heavier than said bear; alligators, crocodiles and caiman are ambush predators and as such they tend to use surprise attacks and lures to capture prey. If the bear managed to evade the first lunge, the alligator would likely retreat back to the water; and if the bear tried to fight, the jaws and tail would come into play, especially in the swampy environment the fight was placed in. The hefty weight, huge bite and ambush hunting of the alligator are very deciding factors in an environment tailored to both fighters; even if the bear is a good swimmer, the alligator is overall heavier and stronger where it counts for it (the jaws and tail), meaning the bear would not flip the alligator over and tear it open, but be ambushed, dragged underwater and finished off by its crocodilian foe before the bear could even have time to react if we're in a truly even arena.

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