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Tearjerker / A Cloudy Path

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  • 20.2: This chapter is basically one big tear-jerker.
    • Taylor has to leave behind Brockton Bay and everyone she knew besides Lisa and Theo because of what happened during the Simurgh fight.
    • Jeff brings up he's leaving the group because he doesn't think its working. He was trying to replace Leet with Aeon and it didn't work out, so he's striking out on his own.
    • Her father can't help her since there's no place for him when the masks go on. Not to mention seeing a clone of her commit suicide not even a day ago and being made to stab her by mind control. He's lost beyond belief.
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    • Rebecca can't cope with Cape-stuff, so even if she wasn't leaving, they probably couldn't be friends anymore.
  • 20.3: Lisa's an addict now and admits she'll never be clean again, not even counting the suffering she's going through from the withdrawl.
  • Interlude 21-2: Panacea essentially leaves Brockton Bay because she feels like she doesn't belong, meaning that Vicky will lose her sister after losing her mother.
  • Wanderer Interlude: Theo and Lisa basically have a breakdown without Taylor there as the stress of the situation brings some heavy things to light. When Theo points out that Lisa has essentially been broken to the point where she feels the that she has to be the smartest person in the room and so she's forcing things, she attacks him verbally by pointing out how she undermined his attempt to get Taylor a present and workout to be noticed by her.

    Lisa: “Like you're any better! I see the way you look at Taylor! Well guess what, it's never going to happen! You're just a fat little boy, trailing after her like a puppy! You're a minion, Theo! It's pathetic! All your workouts, what do they even mean? Have you improved at all? Vanth took you down like a chump. Took you out for weeks. The Apostles took you out before you could even think of doing anything, and the only reason you're not a fucking cripple right now is that their fuck-up healed you. Pathetic. I know about the bracelet, too. I saw you buy it, when Taylor wasn't looking.”

    • Theo, likewise, points out that she's making the situation worse because she wants to hide her mistakes and then try to make it up all at once instead of going back and fixing them.

    Theo: “I know you don't like me, but this isn't about me! It's about her. I see how you look at her, too! You don't- you don't like her, but you want her attention! Well you've got it! She's your friend, she likes you! She'll hold on as tight as you'll let her! She watches you, even when you're not around, and any time you even stub a toe she's right there! Well now she needs you, and-!”

    Lisa: “I'm trying! But there's nothing I can do! I don't even know if she's alive!”

    Theo: “You missed this. You want to move on. Ignore the failure. Pretend it didn't happen. But you can't. You're not going to solve this by coming up with some clever scheme, and redeem everything all at once, wash it all away. You need to look back, put the clues together.”
  • Warrior Interlude: Micheal's death.
    • And then Theo has to cut off his own arm to avoid suffering the same fate.

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