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Ho Yay / Orange Is the New Black

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  • Spoofed by Maritza and Flaca in season 2.
    • Maritza builds a bond with a female guard in season 4 who gives her tampons when the latter has none when she has her period in a moment of kindness.
    • Maritza and Flaca strip the female guard to her underwear to humiliate/get revenge on her in episode 2 of season 5 while sincerely calling her body nice and saying her chest has a creamy color with the guard acting betrayed cause she thought she and Maritza had a bond due to the former event.
  • Pennsatucky acts pissed when she thinks Piper betrayed her and threatens her by walking in on her in the shower, cutting her hand, and rubbing the blood on Pipers naked chest. She says they'll have to get more creative next time.
    • Pennsatucky is initially very close with her Girl Posse when they were all still friends and she once tried to close dance with them. When they leave her while staying close friends with each other she's heartbroken.
  • A lady looks at Piper while she's naked after having a shower in the first season and comments on her having nice boobs.
  • Poussey's intimate relationship with a girl in her flashback as well as her crush on Taystee.
    • Taystee is heterosexual and doesn't have any interest in being 'gay for the stay', but she still declares her platonic love for Poussey and lists being with her as one of the reasons she wanted to go back to prison in the first season.
    • Poussey and Soso's tender friendship involved the two holding hands before it evolved into a more sexual relationship.
  • Taystee in particular shows surprising concern for Piper, making sure she was okay after the bathroom confrontation with Doggett.
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  • Pennsatucky's friendship with Big Boo. Big Boo even declares her an honorary lesbian.
  • When Red does something nice for Sophia, the latter asks if she knows what it's like to be kissed by a transgender woman.
  • In Episode 2 of season 2, Larry and his dad are in a sauna with naked men who are making out, because his dad had a Groupon.
  • Nicky briefly hits on Piper in one scene when trying to compete with Big Boo in seeing who has the most sexual relationships with women.
  • Nicky feeling up Alex and their flirting.
  • Judy King and Nicky hitting on Yoga Jones.
  • Even the marketing isn't immune, since part of the marketing in Japan includes artwork of Piper and Alex drawn In the Style of... a Yuri manga from the 70's.
  • Carol comes off as pretty enamored with Frieda in flashbacks, and her anger at Freida stabbing her in the back and turning in her contraband can easily be read as a Woman Scorned heartbreak.
    • If one pays attention during Carol and Barbara's showdown in the utility closet, they will notice that Carol has kept Freida's shiv from the '80s. She's been hoarding that thing for thirty years. That is dedication.
  • The way Badison relentlessly antagonizes and teases Piper makes her seem like a school yard bully with a crush at times, especially with how she keeps threatening and attempting to get Piper’s time extended despite claiming to want to be rid of her.
    • In one scene she’s shown staring at Piper while the latter is sleeping.

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